Pink and Purple

The other day, as I was taking pictures of the project you see here–I thought to myself, my goodness those colors are pretty. Now, I’m well aware that there are more popular colors around these days–my daughter tells me that yellow and grey are all the thing. OoooKkkk.

Apparently I have a deep seeded need to utterly rebel.

I never really thought I was that type of person, but the evidence is right there in front of me…everywhere.

When we bought water bottles, April chose the very modern orange and lime green…

I chose pink and purple.

My sister made me a lovely purple-blue scarf and my daughter made me a bright pink one…so this one’s not my fault, they were gifts. But the pink and purple gypsy scarf in the back–yeah, I bought that. Don’t worry, I’m not belly dancing or anything–it was just pretty.

I have a crafty idea that needed a couple of swim noodles so when I found them at Walmart, is it my fault they were purple and pink? Hmmmm?

One of the soft, squishy blankets on the end of my bed is just the right shades of purple and pink, pink and purple.

I never knew they made duct tape in bright pink, so naturally when I saw it, I had to…you know…buy it. Again, not my fault. I was overwhelmed.

Picture frame from my cute daughter…pink…

business cards…purple.

April wouldn’t let me put pink on there too. She said that the purple was “quite enough.”


When I was a little girl I told my mom that pink belonged to me…that I owned it. My mom said, “Wellll, ok.”

What I didn’t tell her at the time, was that…

purple’s mine too.

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7 Replies to “Pink and Purple”

  1. Isn’t funny how we are drawn to certain colors. I appreciate color trends, but I find myself always coming back to the same bright primary colors. I think that our favorite colors initiate feelings of happiness when we see them, so I say surround yourself with the colors that make you smile πŸ˜›

  2. Ooooh-ooh! I’m with you baby! I used to plant pink and purple petunias in my front yard, when the kids were little. The colors just made me so happy. I miss them.

  3. And I thought I knew everything about you – apparently not or I’m just not very observant I guess. Now I know πŸ™‚

  4. When my kids ask me what my favorite color is I tell them “pink with sparkles.” Hehe. I love pink! I walked into gymnasics with my girls the other day to realize I had sparkles on my shirt, a bag made from sequins, and two sparkly backpacks (one on each of my girls)…one pink one white. If we get to “own” something, then you can have pink and purple…I’ll have sparkles. πŸ™‚

  5. I agree, I love pink and purple. That blanket project is so pretty! But I am decorating my kids room in yellow and gray, following “you are my sunshine” theme, but it has to be gender neutral.

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