For Another Day…

I was going to write a post telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth about my silly little garden and all of it’s woes and calamities. But to be honest–I’m just so happy to have these pretty little Sun Sugar tomatoes fresh from…well…what’s left of my garden, that I haven’t got a whiney thought left in me.

Instead, I have a whole bucket full of goodness to gobble up and it’s a scrumptious distraction.

I’ll tell you about the other stuff…later.

If I remember.

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2 Replies to “For Another Day…”

  1. They look beautiful! What are you going to make with them or are you just going to eat them as is? I’m noticing that I’m getting a little ratatouille-ish when I see stuff these days… creating recipes by smell even 😉

  2. Tomatoes are always so cute… but I still don’t like them plain. I’m glad you do though! 🙂 They need someone to love them the way you do! 🙂

    Sorry about your garden… :/

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