Some Lovely Stuff…

going on around here…

~this little Magoo who thinks he’s eight months old, when he’s really just barely 6, and no amount of pleading will make him believe or behave otherwise.

~a little water sprite who can’t resist getting just a little splashy sometimes.

~having a beautiful view of “Y” mountain while I sit in the car waiting for a friend.

~fresh, beautiful, juicy, irresistible, marvelous new peaches…all for me.

~a pretty little butterfly that flew gracefully from Miss Chompy’s fingertips clear up to the branches of the crab apple tree. What? You can’t see him?! Trust me, he’s there.

~outdoor lights on a late summer evening.

~and this silly boy–in case you didn’t believe me the first time around.  :}

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2 Replies to “Some Lovely Stuff…”

  1. I’m in love with those same sweet kids, and it makes me happy that they have so much love all around them from extended family! 🙂

    Those peaches look SOOO good! I don’t think I’m ready from them to be gone yet! :/

    The holidays are creeping closer… that’s pretty lovely to me! 🙂

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