If you’ve been around here for a little while, you probably already know that we love, love, LOVE the series Avatar–The Last Airbender. Heck, my boy–back when he was known as “The Bald Kid” even dressed up like the main character, Aang, for Halloween!

I’ve also crocheted another character–Sokka,  from the show for Chompy a few years ago. Our history with this stuff goes waaaay back. So, when Lyndi asked for a crocheted Aang for her birthday—that was an EASY yes from me.

I mean…..those EARS!! Aren’t they just adorable?!!

And his sweet little arrows…well, he just stole my heart.

It’s quite likely I’ll have to find a reason to make the whole set. Can’t be helped.

Sooooo, what do people who don’t crochet, do all day?

I can’t even imagine.

Happy Birthday Lyndi!!



Crocheted Nativity 2.0

No, noooo. I’m not reposting my sweet little crocheted Nativity set. And noooo you aren’t seeing double.  My daughter Lyndi wanted her very own version so naturally, I made another set!!

This time, Mary’s hair is more blonde and Joseph has a goatee and no mustache. He’s a more modern fellow. Haha.


But since Mary and Joseph’s wardrobe that night is a history mystery–I have complete freedom to use my artistic license. Last time it was pink and brown but THIS time, since Lyndi realllllly loves blue, then blue it is.

So there.

Of course, baby Jesus is the same…because, you know– some things should probably stay the same, “yesterday, today and forever,” if you get my meaning. Not tempting fate here.

And so it is.

Sweet Candy Girl

Skittles were a brand new candy the year my second baby was born. I ate a ton of them. In fact, I thought they were some kind of fruit group–citrus and berry or something. So when my little Lyndi was born I wasn’t a bit surprised to find that she came with her own fireworks…so to speak. Sugar induced, no doubt…and completely my own doing.

Giggling uncontrollably in the Mother’s Day program and cutting her own bangs the day before family pictures–we never knew what to expect from this one. She’d find any possible excuse for a party, be it Groundhog’s Day or Harry Potter’s Birthday–we simply had to celebrate. Still do, come to think of it.

Happy Birthday this week my sweet Lyndi!!

I’ll bring the Skittles.

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Little Dash

So I had this little Lyndi girl who liked to dart off in the opposite direction—whenever I called her–to the end of the block, if I wasn’t quick enough.

Perhaps you’ll be horrified to see my solution. That’s right–I had a kid leash for her. Not so much for everyday, of course, but this was all I could think of when we took a trip to Disneyland. I had nightmares of her taking off into a Time Square size crowd and never seeing her again. So, we simply attached her to the stroller that the baby sister was in, thinking that would at least slow her down a bit.

One particularly assertive lady saw our set up and said, “Wow. Are you afraid of something?” and I just smiled and said, “Well, not now.”  Hmph.

It was weird, but it worked and we still have our little Lyndi–to this very day.

Oh, and you’ll be happy to know that she’s been leash free for over 20 years…and counting.

Now…if we could only find that thing again…

for Miss Chompy.

:}                                                                                                                                                                          556

One Little Indian…

This moment…

A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from our lives.

A simple, special, memorable moment.

A moment I want to pause, savor and keep close to my heart.

If you are inspired to do the same–leave us a link in the comments.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend my dear friends.