Sweet Candy Girl

Skittles were a brand new candy the year my second baby was born. I ate a ton of them. In fact, I thought they were some kind of fruit group–citrus and berry or something. So when my little Lyndi was born I wasn’t a bit surprised to find that she came with her own fireworks…so to speak. Sugar induced, no doubt…and completely my own doing.

Giggling uncontrollably in the Mother’s Day program and cutting her own bangs the day before family pictures–we never knew what to expect from this one. She’d find any possible excuse for a party, be it Groundhog’s Day or Harry Potter’s Birthday–we simply had to celebrate. Still do, come to think of it.

Happy Birthday this week my sweet Lyndi!!

I’ll bring the Skittles.

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5 Replies to “Sweet Candy Girl”

  1. Hooray! It is always fun to see what type of personality your kid will have. I am nervous about my #4. I seem to have almost every personality in my family.

  2. Cute Aunt Launi! Lyndi’s such a good mommy. I’m so happy to see her having another one. šŸ˜€

  3. Your Lyndi is one of the best and she is such a cute mom. So glad your kids are part of my kids lives. You did good Launi, even with the all the skittles.

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