Oh Happy Day

This is the day that we wait all summer long for– Fresh Peach Shakes at our favorite Taco place. Oh. My. Word. We get a little nutty with it, to tell you the truth. We’ve found that it’s perfectly ok to have a peach shake for breakfast…lunch…AND dinner. Wonderful even.

These sweet things—made with peaches from the company’s very own orchard—are beyond incredible. And they only make them until the peaches are gone.

So we waited patiently while they made one just for us.

Oh, we were entertained in the meantime with Chompy’s ice cream cone…

umm….adventure. But at last, at last…

the pretty girl gave us our scrumptious peach shake! Ooooh…how will we be able to drive straight? It’s sooo good.

The only thing better than grabbing this thing nice and quick and gobbling it down would be if I could learn to make them at home…


Oh—do I heard a challenge?

Yeah–I have some peaches to play with. But I’ll be back soon.

heh, heh, heh.

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  1. yUUUm!!! Peach shakes from Taco Amigo are THE BEST!!! I just love them! ***:D*** Tasty alright! Oh and Baby Chomp and her ice cream cone. What a silly goose! 🙂

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