If you’ve been around here for a little while, you probably already know that we love, love, LOVE the series Avatar–The Last Airbender. Heck, my boy–back when he was known as “The Bald Kid” even dressed up like the main character, Aang, for Halloween!

I’ve also crocheted another character–Sokka,  from the show for Chompy a few years ago. Our history with this stuff goes waaaay back. So, when Lyndi asked for a crocheted Aang for her birthday—that was an EASY yes from me.

I mean…..those EARS!! Aren’t they just adorable?!!

And his sweet little arrows…well, he just stole my heart.

It’s quite likely I’ll have to find a reason to make the whole set. Can’t be helped.

Sooooo, what do people who don’t crochet, do all day?

I can’t even imagine.

Happy Birthday Lyndi!!



Pattern from CraftyTibbles




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