Snowman Army

I found this sweet little snowman pattern just a few days before our family Christmas party.

It whipped up so quickly that I made another one.

And then…and then…and then and then and then… AHHHH!!

They were just so dang cute that I couldn’t stop!!

Before I knew which way was up–I had a pile of sweet, sturdy little snowmen! Turns out I had one for each of my kids and my sister and my sweet friend.

In the words of our favorite boy wizard, “It was like MAGIC!!”

If you’re feeling the crochet snowman bug too–you’ll find the pattern here.

You’re very welcome.

Turkey Nugget

Soooo–many times when I’m making a little crochet character, I’m nearly overwhelmed with supreme selfishness…

to the point that I want to finish the pretty thing and throw it in my purse…

and leave the country….

to keep it for myself, instead of giving it to the person it is meant for.

So far, I’ve always pulled myself together, mustered up a little maturity and sent–whatever it is–on it’s merry way.

That is…until now.

This little turkey nugget was just so CUTE that I was over come.

I couldn’t help myself.

After much deliberation, I’m afraid I kidnapped him and hid him away in a secure location and…you know…

made another one.

No one will ever know of my treachery and dreadful deception.

Except that I just told you.

Dang it.



Yer a Wizard…Tarmac


Oh, my goodness. As October approached, I had a dilemma. What was little Tarmac going to be for Halloween?

At first I thought a ghost would be fun and easy. Easy yes, but pretty boring too. Then I wondered if a witch would be good. But this squirrel is a boy–so that was out.

Of course, the only thing to do was to make him a WIZARD–sparkly star cape and all!!

He even has a Trick or Treat bag full of Halloween squirrely goodies.

Yeah, yeah…lost my marbles. I know.

Sure having fun though.

Works for me.

Crocheted Nativity 2.0

No, noooo. I’m not reposting my sweet little crocheted Nativity set. And noooo you aren’t seeing double.  My daughter Lyndi wanted her very own version so naturally, I made another set!!

This time, Mary’s hair is more blonde and Joseph has a goatee and no mustache. He’s a more modern fellow. Haha.


But since Mary and Joseph’s wardrobe that night is a history mystery–I have complete freedom to use my artistic license. Last time it was pink and brown but THIS time, since Lyndi realllllly loves blue, then blue it is.

So there.

Of course, baby Jesus is the same…because, you know– some things should probably stay the same, “yesterday, today and forever,” if you get my meaning. Not tempting fate here.

And so it is.

Summery Autumn “Paper” Chain

You know that funny place where Summer is pretty much done, kids are back to school, everybody is ready for Autumn…

but the weather isn’t quite playing along yet?

Yeah, that’s where we are now. Too breezy and cool to actually swim, but then, the next day it’s 230 degrees on the porch.

Mother Nature make up your MIND already!!

So, as to not feel thwarted in my desire to decorate accordingly, the colors that felt to me like this middle space between the hot days and Halloween– I came up with these.

Maroon and lavender and deep green and a variegated mixture of them all. Clever–yes? It kinda looks like a bright, yet ready-for-Fall-ish sort of concoction, don’t you think?

At any rate, it makes me smile.

So go ahead Mother Nature–do your thing. I’ve found my color “happy place” in spite of you.

And we can stay here comfortably till the leaves come down.