Tarmack the Leprechaun


So here is our cute little house squirrel, ahem, I mean house Leprechaun, all ready for his special day.  Now I know that the green thing he’s holding doesn’t look much like a clover–but I did try. I’m not so great with itty bitty crochet.

But that beard!! BAhahaha! It makes me giggle every time I go out on the porch!

Good old Tarmack. He’s such a sport.

Now if we could just find that darn pot of gold…that’d be swell.

Things To Love

I suppose it’s no secret that I’ve turned into a puzzle freak these days. The thing is that I listen to TONS of talks, books on tapes and webinars and I absolutely MUST do something while I listen. If I have a non complicated crochet project, then that’s my busy-hands-project-of-choice. But if not–it’s a puzzle baby!

Sweet little Lyla, taking a much needed nap. Babies coming any day now. Hee hee!!

Did I mention my thing with puzzles? Yeah, I’m not kidding. This one felt good to work on while it was snowing outside.

This pretty little pattern was the forest-y colored request from mama for Linky’s baby blanket. It was soooo soft and stretchy.  I have to pretend that the blanket is actually a hug from Grammy.

Can’t have much of a post about things to love without our crazy man Hobbes being in it. I don’t think he has slept in the same position twice in his life! Haha. We love him so much. He’s such a gooood boy.

This might not look like much to you–but this is a BIG, ENORMOUS deal! When I bought this funny old house, I was stumped that the thermostat was in the bedroom. Weird, right? I mean, in order for the family room to be even slightly warm or cold the bedroom had to be a furnace or icebox. No happy medium what-so-ever.

Well, I’ve fussed about it for years now and thought, ‘why on earth isn’t that thermostat on the front room wall instead of the bedroom wall?’

One day, my sweet son-in-law came to my house and announced that he was moving the thermostat to the right wall. Just like that! And that is exactly what he did!! If you hear squealing from somewhere it’s probably me!

Thank you SO much Josh!!! My house is finally even tempered. Haha. Love you!! 

For a million years now, I’ve had broken, dilapidated photo albums and boxes and stacks of photos. Well not any more! HA! I’ve taken them all and sorted the pictures and put them in nicely labeled tubs. Now, I know all the historians out there won’t like how I’m storing them–for posterities sake. But I promise you, this is better than how it was. Plus, it makes me really happy. We call that a win/win.

Annnnnd again with the puzzles. I can’t help it. It’s a serious problem….

that I love.


If your family is at all familiar with the series Avatar–the Last Airbender then you will, no doubt, recognize this little fellow.

If not, I’ll help you out just a teensy bit.

His name is Sokka and he’s from the Water Tribe.

I think it would be fair to say that our family loves this show beyond belief.


We love Aang, Katara, Toph, Zuko, Sokka–and all the rest. So much so–that my son–back when he was the “Bald Kid”–

even dressed up at the grown up Aang…

and won 1st Place at the Ebay Costume Contest…remember?  

At some point, I’ll likely make all these cuties from the pattern I found at Crafty Tibbles on Etsy.

But when I offered to make any of the characters for Miss Chomp for her birthday, without hesitation she said, “Sokka, please.”

Done, my dear. Happy Birthday.

Next I’ll probably make my personal favorite– Uncle Iroh!!

Eeeeek I’m sooo excited!

I’ll keep you posted.



Tarmac the House Squirrel

Now that it’s January, the Santa hat for our little furless squirrel friend had to go. But, knowing–from my childhood– that many inanimate objects probably have feelings, and not being willing to take the risk that they don’t– I still wanted our little Tarmac to be warm.

Perhaps your thinking, “Aww how sweet.” Perhaps your thinking, “Somebody over at that place needs medication,” I don’t know. All I do know is that it makes life a lot more interesting if you believe in a few things that are…

a bit whimsical.

And so I do.

Besides, if I try to make Hobbes wear stuff he bites me, so naturally I’ll choose a more docile creature to dress for winter.  Be cold grumpy old Hobbes.

Tarmac the squirrel is warm and happy.

So I’m warm and happy.

Let it snow.




A Blue Heeler Pup

If you have little people around, even sometimes, it’s quite likely that you’re familiar with this little cartoon creature.

 Her name is Bluey.

In fact, this little Blue Healer puppy is so popular that my little granddaughter–Miss Fluttershy– tries to talk like her, and play games like her and…. ummmm…wag her….ummm…tail like her. She even had a Bluey birthday party with all the trimmings.

So, when I found this pattern online at Monoxa Crochet Toys I was really excited to try it. I changed a few things–just because I wanted to–but it turned out just like I hoped it would.

I believe it was a hit. I can just see our girl smiling and…

wagging her tail. 

Hee hee.