Link- Plain and Simple

When sweet “L” asked me to make Link (From Breath of the Wild) for his birthday I said, “Absolutely.”

Truth be known, I really love watching the kids and the grandkids play some of these games.

I’m not as entertained by the ones where you’re required to shoot and kill anything that moves, mind you. I’m a more gentle soul than that. Honestly, can’t we all just get along?!

But I digress…

What I do love, are games filled with lots of heroes finding treasure and going on quests and saving the pretty girl in a tower.


I don’t particularly want to play it…but I’m a phenomenal spectator.

When he was finished, as always I kissed him on the head and boxed him up.

After all…everyone needs a hero to hold on to.

Happy Birthday sweet boy. I love you.

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