Bitsy Boots

In case you–like me–don’t get out much or wander around in the kiddie show section of your tv…let me introduce you to Miss Bitsy Boots of the Super Kitties fame.

Well, my sweet granddaughter “Miss C” asked me to make her a Bitsy Boots of her own. You know what I say…”ANYthing for you, my dah-ling!”

The pattern called for the fluffy chenille yarn and a big hook. The funny thing was that when I started crocheting–this thing quickly became ENORMOUS!!

I mean, look at those feet! They’re as big as my hands for Pete’s sake.

Each ear was bigger than my palm. It was seriously starting to scare me.

Then came the head. I think it’s adorable, but I happen to know that is bigger than Miss C’s head. I’m creating a monster!

A cute monster–but a monster none the less.

Luckily, Miss C didn’t seem to mind one bit.

Bitsy Boots, meet ahhhhh…meet…ahhhh…

Bitsy Boots two. Heh, heh.

Happy Birthday honey. Grammy loves you!



Pattern from CuteHappyToys on Etsy

Link- Plain and Simple

When sweet “L” asked me to make Link (From Breath of the Wild) for his birthday I said, “Absolutely.”

Truth be known, I really love watching the kids and the grandkids play some of these games.

I’m not as entertained by the ones where you’re required to shoot and kill anything that moves, mind you. I’m a more gentle soul than that. Honestly, can’t we all just get along?!

But I digress…

What I do love, are games filled with lots of heroes finding treasure and going on quests and saving the pretty girl in a tower.


I don’t particularly want to play it…but I’m a phenomenal spectator.

When he was finished, as always I kissed him on the head and boxed him up.

After all…everyone needs a hero to hold on to.

Happy Birthday sweet boy. I love you.

Pocket Parakeet

Magoo came to me the other day with two little balls of yarn–one green and one pink. He said, “Grammy, what can we make with these?”

Knowing that this fellow loves birds–parakeets in particular, I said, “It looks like just the right amount to make a little bird. He liked the idea.

I wanted to give the little guy green wings but oooooh, I ran out of green yarn and only had enough to edge them. Also, the pattern I found didn’t have a tail–whaaaat?! So I had to make one up.

It’s a tiny little thing. Just right for a bird loving boy’s pocket.

Love you, Magoo.

First Snow…men

With the very first real snowfall of the year, Rhen was over come with seasonal spirit and promptly went out and made an adorable little snow man. Perhaps this is better described as a snow-ball man–but no matter. We adore him, perched up on top of the car!!

When the family saw our little guy the photos of their snowy creations started flooding the family text group. Miss Chomp and Fluttershy with their frosty fellow–

so cute!!

Miss H with her gigantic snow lady. Check out that hat!!

K & L’s snow chick even has long, lovely hair! Awesome, awesome.

Even my crazy Dane sent in his contribution from 85 degree Texas.

Ohhhh, Dane!  HAAA!

Our silly snow didn’t last long–an hour or two, tops–but we’re pretty good at making the most of what we’ve got…rain or shine.

And loving every minute!

A Big Sister’s Love

When Miss K saw that her little sister’s birthday was coming up–she came up with a pretty dang clever idea. She decided to make a doll–all by herself. She even covered it with tape and “stuffed” it with cotton. Miss K put a lot of work into her masterpiece.

The very fact that she thought this up herself was amazing to me! What a creative gift for her baby sister.  I’m glad we got pictures because I have a feeling that this little treasure won’t last long in the hands of a one year old!

But that’s ok. We’ll all remember the love for a long, long time.