Bitsy Boots

In case you–like me–don’t get out much or wander around in the kiddie show section of your tv…let me introduce you to Miss Bitsy Boots of the Super Kitties fame.

Well, my sweet granddaughter “Miss C” asked me to make her a Bitsy Boots of her own. You know what I say…”ANYthing for you, my dah-ling!”

The pattern called for the fluffy chenille yarn and a big hook. The funny thing was that when I started crocheting–this thing quickly became ENORMOUS!!

I mean, look at those feet! They’re as big as my hands for Pete’s sake.

Each ear was bigger than my palm. It was seriously starting to scare me.

Then came the head. I think it’s adorable, but I happen to know that is bigger than Miss C’s head. I’m creating a monster!

A cute monster–but a monster none the less.

Luckily, Miss C didn’t seem to mind one bit.

Bitsy Boots, meet ahhhhh…meet…ahhhh…

Bitsy Boots two. Heh, heh.

Happy Birthday honey. Grammy loves you!



Pattern from CuteHappyToys on Etsy

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