Memorial Monday

Sincerely, I know what Memorial Day is all about. I do. We ALWAYS take flowers to our sweet family at the cemeteries, whether or not they were Veterans and even though none of them died in a war. This year we did it on Saturday before actual Memorial Day. I forgot to take pictures. Sorry.

We did, however have a lovely barbecue so that we could just…you know…play.

We’re pretty good at that play stuff.

New to our game repertoire  was a corn hole set. It works well for a bit but then the littles wanted to wear it on their backs like a hero cape and run around the yard saving people. Slightly scary.

There was a soccer ball flying throughout the evening…

because pretty much everyone who is anyone (the kids, anyway) have played or are playing or will be playing– soccer.

So it was just a natural thing for all of them to see a ball and kick it!!

Someone brought a sticky target game…

that was also a hit. No pun intended.

Some of the kids created their own games or traded Pokemon cards.

We had hair braiding and chalk painting…

…hanging  inside the monkey bar thingy…

and lighting charcoal snakes!! I love those!

Also new to our game day was an extra large Connect Four.

Even the little kids played with it…

when the big kids were done–of course!!

There was, of course the fabulous barbecue food–but I didn’t pay too much attention to that–picture wise because….well, because…

eating takes two hands.

Heh, heh.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!!!




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