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I was just dinking around on YouTube the other day and found the opening theme songs to some reeeeally old—and I’m not kidding—TV shows. Now, I realize that these critters truly date me in a pretty unflattering way, but I’m a sturdy mountain woman. I’ll handle it. Besides, it will be so good for all you “youngsters” to see what was on TV back when there were 5 channels and most of the them were in black and white. Besides, they’re pretty funny–in a lame sort of way.

Here’s the first one:


The Patti Duke Show (Click on the link)

For those of you who don’t know who Patti Duke is, she played Helen Keller in the movie, “The Miracle Worker,” and is also the mom of Sean Astin (Sam in “Lord of the Rings”) and Mackenzie Astin (Iron Will)


Petticoat Junction


Mr. Ed

These sincerely, were some of our favorite shows. Are you jealous?

Try this one: The Winchell Mahoney Show

Do you recognize his voice? In his later years, “Winch” was the voice of Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.

So, after you watch these clips–I expect you all to go to the “happy list” and write about how much you love your color tv and your channels and your cable…bla, bla, bla..

And me…I think I’ll go find Gilligan’s Island….or something.

Ahhh…television at it’s finest hour.



10 Replies to “Vintage TV”

  1. I know all of those. They used to be on Nick at Nite. Alissa and I would stay up to watch them. You are missing a show or two though.

    You need Green Acres and Leave it to Beaver! We would watch those until all hours in the morning.

  2. Gilligan’s Island happens to be my 11 yr olds favorite. We have bought her the first 2 complete seasons on DVD. My girls laugh their heads off and it is such good clean entertainment. ShopKo has lots of the old shows on DVD – they are usually a whole seasons worth. Such great memories!

  3. I think the reason these are sooo appealing is because they are just simple and cute! šŸ™‚ You don’t have to worry about what you’re going to see! I love Andy Griffith… it’s true! It makes me wonder why society decided not to teach kids respect and manners any more. šŸ˜›

  4. My favorite vintage show was Lost in Space. Warning, Warning!!! (Can’t you see my arms flailing?) My friends & I would play Lost in Space in our everyday life. I was Penny (I think that was here name. I’m old now, so my memory isn’t the best).

  5. oh such fun shows and memories. Mark and I watched Mr. Ed all the time when we were young little newlyweds. So silly huh?

  6. Listen up Launi girl! Movie night was tonight and I have been trying to reach you this whole entire day. šŸ™ I have a surprise for you. You really should call me soon.

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