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jan-13-2009-0121Better With Labels

I sat down at the computer to make labels for the organizer boxes from last week. I’ve found that– see through or not–it’s a pain not to have them clearly labeled. But somehow, my fingers never typed the list. In fact, they didn’t behave at all. They just…kept…remembering…stuff.

Cool, sweet, gentle…stuff.

Forgive me.  After this post, I swear, I’ll stop. I may need help…

I suppose I didn’t realize that the old time tv was such a crack-up. Some times, ok, a lot of the time I’m pretty sure that the laughter is only brought on by the fact that it’s all just so low budget and dopey in comparison to all the fancy-schmancy theatrics we’re used to these days. But then on the other hand, as Lynnette pointed out—good, clean humor, innocent and silly is just so dang much fun.

hobo-kellyHobo Kelly

When I was 7, I used to come home from school everyday and watch Hobo Kelly. In fact, she sent me a giant “Sugar Daddy” for my birthday one year. I must have been in her fan club or something.

I know…kinda scary.

greenacresGreen Acres

Shannon mentioned this one…Is it really still on? That restores my faith in all things retro.

gilligans-islandGilligan’s Island

I could never figure out how come they could make a radio out of coconut shells, but couldn’t repair their silly boat.

fatherknowsFather Knows Best

And I always thought I’d grow up someday to be Jane Wyatt from Father Knows Best. Save me…but I love the dresses with the tiny belts and the hair and the lipstick and the way they called each other “darling.” I think I was Donna Reed in another life…or wish I was.

Thanks for indulging me this one last time. Now I’ll try very hard to behave myself and stick to the current century. Maybe I’ll even make some labels for the boxes…

…who knows?

7 Replies to “Vintage TV 2”

  1. I watched Green Acres when I was little. The things I miss from my childhood are tv shows like Zoobalee Zoo, Smurfs, and School House Rock. Although I will say that the cartoons on the Disney channel are the only ones I let my kids watch.

  2. I loved Hobo Kelly. In fact, I was just at the Dollar Tree store yesterday & they are selling huge sunglasses just like she used to wear. And my first thought was Hobo Kelly. Brought back sweet memories.

  3. I had a roommate that absolutely LOVED Gilligan’s Island… but now that I think about it, I never actually watched it with her. The only thing I know about it is what you’ve said here and… the fact that some people would play around with my name until they got Gilligan out of it. They thought they were clever. I thought they were stupid–but maybe it’s a compliment. I don’t know! Never seen it!

  4. To Kathy: Rhen just got School House Rock for Christmas this year. He loves them still. You are welcome to come see them sometime. Zoobalee Zoo was very odd, but the kids watched it. Smurfs–I loved baby Smurf.

    To Kim: Really?! She was my favorite. I was fascinated by her toy machine. I wanted her to call my name to win all the prizes…but alas…

    To Jillian: MY CHILD? MY child has never seen Gilligan’s Island? There is something deeply wrong with that. We must fix this right away. Your health and well being are at stake.

  5. Uhhh… I guess I’ll have to watch Gilligan with you guys… because I don’t feel like I’ve really seen it either. It’s like the books I haven’t read… I can tell you about it… but haven’t experienced it personally. :S

  6. See… I’m not the only one. I bet April hasn’t seen it either. What’s your claim Prel?

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