Little Dali


Our sweet baby girl kitty was kindly delivered to us on Friday. She came all the way from Arizona— thanks to my kind friend Fiona and her son Finley.

Another lovely thing is that this kitty is the granddaughter of my little Chili who we lost in February. 😔

It’s incredibly healing to hold a tiny piece of a kitty that we loved so much for such a short time.

We’ve named her Dali and she already has our hearts.

Something’s Missing!!

Ohhhhhh it’s a rotten thing INDEED to go to all the work to do a puzzle this intense (Look at allll that white and grey–gah!) only to get to the end–right before the deadline (Thanksgiving) and find out that…

you’re missing a piece!!


I mean honestly…I don’t live in a house with toddlers that eat puzzle pieces.

But wait. I do have that one cat. And he has been known to bat those pieces onto the floor and smack them around till they end up in Outer Mongolia somewhere. Hmmmmm…

Yeah, my money says it was him. Cause you know…he has that “I did it and I’m glad I did it” look to him.


Thwarted by the feline.



PS–Good news!! I FOUND it!!

It was in the kitchen…by the back door…

the CAT door.

Uh-huh. Outer Mongolia.

Like I said.

A Grasshopper Story

So…I have this very, very naughty cat. No, not that one.

He’s a good boy.

Not that one either.

She doesn’t have wicked bone in her fluffy little body.

Yeaaaah. That one. She knows her name.

Little Miss Chili Naughty Pants.

I know. She looks all innocent and sweet now  but believe me, it’s just a façade. Any minute, she will disappear out the kitty door only to reappear in 3 minutes time with a live, fully functioning GRASSHOPPER in her mouth!!

She used to play with it for awhile, till it was half dead or all the way dead, as I scurried around the room looking for a way to get the creepy thing out of my house, without…you know…having to…touch it. Gag.

Well, little Miss Naughtyness got so used to me chasing her prize around the place, that she decided to help me skip a few steps. NOW she just runs in,  finds me and plops the nasty critter right at my feet, or ON my feet– anywhere that her treasure can be fully appreciated.  Bless her.

If I’m at my desk, she’s content to drop it on the floor behind me so that it will hop right up on the computer screen–or better yet–on my BACK, which it has done right in the middle of a Zoom class…twicein. front. of. people. 

Oh, yeah–class gets REALLY good sometimes…

especially when someone is uncontrollably screeching like a six year old.

Then we could talk about the ones that we don’t find…

until later.

Cat for sale…cheap.

Inquire within.