Tarmac the House Squirrel

Now that it’s January, the Santa hat for our little furless squirrel friend had to go. But, knowing–from my childhood– that many inanimate objects probably have feelings, and not being willing to take the risk that they don’t– I still wanted our little Tarmac to be warm.

Perhaps your thinking, “Aww how sweet.” Perhaps your thinking, “Somebody over at that place needs medication,” I don’t know. All I do know is that it makes life a lot more interesting if you believe in a few things that are…

a bit whimsical.

And so I do.

Besides, if I try to make Hobbes wear stuff he bites me, so naturally I’ll choose a more docile creature to dress for winter.  Be cold grumpy old Hobbes.

Tarmac the squirrel is warm and happy.

So I’m warm and happy.

Let it snow.




Little Watcher

Ever since we came back from our last trip to Texas– sweet little Hobbes appears magically on the porch whenever we back out of the driveway. It feels like he’s setting us in his mind in case we just don’t come back…for a long time…

in kitty days.

Be brave little man. Just a quick trip to the store, this time.

We’ll be back in a blink.

Fear not.

There Are Three

We moved the newcomers to a cozy box in the bathroom–because no one should have to start life under a shoe rack. You know I’m right.

There are in fact, exactly 3 kitties. This one is a sweet little tiger stripe.

This little one is grey with very muted stripes–barely there.

And lastly, this one is the twin to the grey baby above only with a darker diamond on it’s nose.

I have no earthly idea if they are girls or boys because it’s hard to know with cats until they are a bit older. Maybe someone, SOMEwhere can tell, but it ain’t me.

So, we will live with the mystery.


Kitty Heaven

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Ohhhh…look! I picked up this sweet baby and cuddled them while I taught my online class and the next thing I know—ZZZZzzzzzzz……

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They are the cutest little things. We have two like this one…

And two of the full tigers. But for now…

I have no idea if they are girls or boys. It’s actually very hard to tell with kittens until they’re about 8 weeks old.

In the meantime…we’ll just keep calling them white face, half white and the stripey twins.

They don’t seem to care one bit.