At Last, Winter

With all the crazy polar freezing and arctic blasts that are going on across the country this week–it seems odd that I would be rejoicing in the small but lovely smattering of snow that we got here in our neck of the woods.

I seriously can’t help myself.

We are a four season kinda place and we’re very proud of our snow…

if we can get it to fall, that is.

I check the weather every night before bedtime and then again in the morning–you know–in case something has changed while I wasn’t looking, all in the hopes that there will be just a single snowflake on the radar.

Yeah, it’s that big of a deal to me.

This year, even after praying our guts out–

we still had no snow for Christmas.

It was criminal weather behavior and someone should go to jail.

Somehow, we survived that trial and finally–at long last, we had a full day and night of snow. Enough to actually stick this time.

If this keeps up, I might be persuaded to drop the charges against the weather man.

But we’ll see.


All Hail~



We’ve been getting a LOT of this rainy stuff lately. I don’t mind, really, because I’ve always loved rain…even more than sunny days.


Then it started to hail…really hard. Luckily, they were only the size of corn kernels and didn’t dent up my car.


It did, however, soak the birdies food and scare them half to death. They hid under the pine tree till it let up.

Pretty sure all my Chicken Littles thought the sky was falling.  Ha ha.

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Nearly There~


So we scrimped and we saved and we gathered every penny from the couch cushions and FINALLY were able to march right on down to the IFA and buy the chicken yard of my dreams. It’s enormous. Rhen had it put up in no time.

But the very next day…


this crazy stuff started pouring down. As badly as I want my little chicken girlies to be free and roam about in their new yard–I’d like them not to drown in it. *sigh*

So, we’ll have to wait a bit for dryer weather to try it out.

Pray for my anxious, crowded birdies–and for some sunshine. Will you?

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Scattered Showers


Just on my way to teach class and felt compelled to snap a couple of pictures of that sky. This is what the weather man calls mostly sunny.


Once I got to class it opened up into a full bore torrent. Sorry, but I didn’t get any pictures of the barrage. It felt smarter to just stay inside and wait for Noah to sail by.

Trust me when I say–it was wet–lovely and exciting, but very wet.

April showers…and all that jazz.

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Snow Heaven














If you adore snow, like I do- then waking up to this beautiful stuff is a dream come true. Now, if I could just get it to go on for about 4 days.

Mmmmm. Heaven.

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