Santa’s Travels

Early in the morning on Christmas eve, Lyndi showed me this–on her computer. It’s Santa’s official flight route. Of course he is able to get a fabulous head start in those countries that are a day ahead in the time zone.

I’m sure that really helps the old fellow.

It was pretty great to be able to track the dude from one Eastern European country to another, and even know where he was headed to next.

Of course, my real interest was…

making sure he didn’t miss my silly boy in his new, very cold town–Krasnoyarsk, or “Krasno” as he calls it. Sure enough, Santa made it to this freezing place–

that sometimes looks as much like the North Pole as any place on earth can–without actually being the North Pole.

I sure hope he brought my boy a blanket.

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  1. holy cow, look at those sculptures! wonder if they were done with a chain saw or what. Looks like the Bald Kid has the right outdoor clothes and my limited experiences with really cold places; the indoors are stiflingly hot. maybe this is the case where they make ice sculpture chairs?

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