Blessings of the Day

This Christmas there were- oh so many blessings, too many to count…but I’ll do my best.

~Blurry, shaky giggles at seeing all those presents around the tree.

~Sweet little cousins, becoming sweet little friends.

~Finally, finally–Uncle “Bald Kid” dolls. Wondered if they’d ever get finished! Phew…

~That sweet little surprise we’ll be adding to our baby collection soon.

~ Realizing that even little folks can appreciate really good chocolate…from England.

Thanks Sarah!

~Sharing Christmas day joy with our new little sweetheart, Kortney.

~Hugs from the best little Aunt in the world.  :}

~ The calm, easy, comforting pace that gift sharing is taking these days.

~ Talking to and seeing my dear boy in far away Siberia–for one whole hour! Thank you, thank you– Skype! More on that later.

~ Christmas day secrets.

~Speaking of which–look at the best kept secret on earth, from my sweet kids–to ME! My friends, things are about to become much…ummm…clearer around here. Hee, heee!

~ Just in time to help us remember the reason for all of it.



What are some of your Christmas blessings?


3 Replies to “Blessings of the Day”

  1. how perfect that you rec’d a willow nativity–good thinking, whomever thought that one up!! and of course, the camera… well, we’ll have to start calling you picasso now. good to see everyone had a great day and lots to share. love to you all.

  2. Wahoo for a new camera!!! I got one too and can’t wait to have better photos. I’m scared to death to use it though. I spent two hours last night reading the user’s manual and still feel no smarter. Maybe I should enlist the help of my little daughter??
    Can’t wait to see what photos you take as well 🙂 Sooooooo Cool!!!!!! I’m so happy you could have such a neat surprise. Also can’t wait to read more about your cute boy in Russia.

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