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  1. lovely tree! we went after xmas shopping today-a first time for that.
    now, a word about making your own candied cherries…. ( we could have gone into the cough drop business with the little goof) the recipe said to boil for 45 min. dont’ ever boil them that long–the whole thing sets up like rocks. I say, that when the cherries look a bit translucent, pull ’em off the stove and fish them out with a fork. have a second jar of cherries ready as a back up if you really do need candied cherries–the first batch will teach you so much and how to successfully make candied cherries.

  2. I must admit–I’ve never actually found myself in need of a candied cherry. My dad worked on all that sort of stuff and candied peels too. It kinda scared me. Maybe if I made that cool bread that you make, I would have to figure it out.

    I need to go out in the fray–for kitty litter of all things! Ha ha. Some essentials are non-negotiable though. 😕

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