Magic String…

Remember this pretty stuff that we found for $1 last year at JoAnn’s? I’m always amazed at how a silly piece of string can magically transform into something soft and warm…

The green and pink were used to make the baby lambys–yeah, that’s how I spell it–a while back. Remember?

Well, the grey and the gold have worked up nicely…

into toboggan hats for our Lily and Beckham…

and the pink one is for the Chompy–so soft and sweet.

And all from a silly piece of string.

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Oh, and happy Groundhog’s day!!

4 Replies to “Magic String…”

  1. You’re sooo awesome to use your magic string on our babies! 🙂 Thanks! I’ll get a picture of Baby Chomp in her hat ONE of these days! 😉

    Oh, and the Groundhog saw his shadow sooo Happy Winter a little longer! 🙂

  2. Nope–if you click on the link to the lamby, it will take you to the original post about it and the link to the pattern is there. I did make up the hats though.

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