“That One Chick’s” Giveaway

Our cute friend Kali from  “I Love You Everyday” blog is doing a sweet little giveaway and invited us to play along.

Here’s what SHE said about it…

“Everyday for the month of February, I will post something random about myself. Some may be long stories, some small facts, funny or sad or boring. I’m putting myself out there. Wanna join? Make a comment on any of my posts with one of YOUR random facts that somehow relates to mine. I’ll enter you in a drawing for every comment you make. Yes, that means you could be entered 28 times (if you are clever enough to find something we have in common every single day). I’ll draw the winner on March 1st and then send you a package of love from Boston, filled with some of my favorite things.

“How fun would it be if you hosted the same giveaway on your blog too? We would have a whole blog-o-sphere of random, somehow related facts floating around– and more packages for everyone! Feel free to copy and paste this post to your blog with a link to mine.”

So just because it sounds really fun–we’re going to do it too–starting today–and see where we land. Since I already do a daily blog, every few days in February– I’ll post a random fact about “that one chick” (me), and you can make a comment that somehow relates to it–even vaguely–about yourself. Each comment will earn you one entry to the Gracious Rain “That One Chick’s” Giveaway. I’ll start assembling the prizes right this minute–and tell you about it soon. It’ll be cool–you can count on that!

So get ready to chat it up!

We’ll post the winner on March 1, 2010 at 10 am

“That One Chick” Fact #1

For my seventh birthday, I got a scary looking doll called “Little Miss No Name.” Seriously, she was supposed to be something like the Little Match Girl only really awful looking. I asked for her after seeing a commercial for her that made me cry. I knew no one else would ever want her so I wanted her.

She’s always scared my kids. Believe it or not, I still have her and she is still as…interesting…as ever.

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  1. Hi, that doll really is scary. My first doll was called Mary, and I got her for my 4th birthday in 1949. Sunday afternoons I used to dress her up, put her in her pram and take her for a walk along the seafront in Lowestoft (England) Blessings Lesley

  2. Wow, a very interesting giveaway…and a very interesting doll! My sister and I used to draw and make clothes for our own paper dolls when I was little. I made a boy paper doll for my son the other day!

  3. yay! i’m so happy you’re playing!
    I seriously laughed out loud when i saw that doll…
    i love that you still have it!
    i always loved barbies. i asked for them for christmas every year. but i don’t have any of them anymore.

  4. Um…what…is…that…thing? Does she blink? I mean how do you not wake up at night and scream because she is staring at you? Sadly, I don’t have any of my dolls from my childhood.

  5. What a fun giveaway idea. I still have several of the dolls from when I was a little girl and loved to play with them. Well actually, my daughter has my dolls. And she loves to play with them as much as I did. Even the one that I did a terrible haircut on trying to be a beautician just like my Mom. She actually has two of my Mom’s dolls. I love that so much. 🙂

  6. thanks for the Happy Birthday!
    I have seen this doll in person and do wonder how many they actually sold…. the first doll I remember was Penny Bright. Ido know I had plenty of dolls before her as my mother reports I had a fixation of wanting to wash their hair almost right away! and of course, their hair never recovered from the shampoo and water ‘treatment’!!

  7. Fabulous! That sounds so lovely. What a great memory. I had a buggy when I was a kid too but the very first time I walked down the street with it some naughty little boy walked behind me laughing for half a block. Stayed in the back yard after that.

  8. Paper dolls are the BEST! The “Friend” magazine used to have the cutest paper dolls in it–whole families sometimes. I’ll see if I can find them to share.

  9. Such a great idea Kali!

    My room, I’m afraid, looks like the room of a 9 year old–with all the dolls. Serious possession problem going on here.

  10. I love this doll–and she’s never scared me. Seriously, when I got her, my goal was to give her a better life and make her…smile. She got pretty dresses and pony tails and crocheted slippers.

    Didn’t help.

  11. Yeeeeah. I always thought the hair would grow back too. Lots of reeeally short bangs on my dolls. Isn’t it wild to see your own children play with your old toys?

    So good.

  12. Lyndi and I laughed our heads off last night about what picture to post for your birthday. Even considered something like this:
    “The belly dancing video AND the Krispy Creme frenzy photo will be posted at midnight–unless you send 1 million dollars in unmarked bills. Ten and twentys should do it.” Oh, the temptation.

    Such good choices for you my friend.
    Penny Bright, huh? I’ll have to look her up.

  13. Happy Birthday Jenny!!! 🙂

    Yahoo!!! I’m glad that you’re doing this! Giveaways are sooo fun, and I love learning fun random things about people!!!

    That doll is messed up. I’ve seen it first hand and think it’s the spawn of a dementor or something. Ick. I’ve held onto some of my own dolls too. I have a couple Cabbage Patch dolls and surprisingly some Barbies (that aren’t out of the box…) so I can at least relate to you there! 🙂

  14. I hope LT doesn’t read this post. She’ll have nightmares about the doll!

    I’m not going to be posting every day most likely on mine, but I do love that idea that she had. Very creative 😉

  15. I had the freaky talking cabbage patch dolls!! I kinda thought they were pretty cool when I was little, but now, not so much. I loved all of my baby dolls, though!!!

  16. I still have my doll who actually puckers and kisses when you bring her hands together. She’s a bigger doll and I remember treating her like she was my little sister. Thinking about the anticipation of a new dollie under the Christmas tree every year still gives me the warmest feeling. I did love being a little mother.

  17. That dolly needs some love. I’d probably think the same thing as you. (that no one would buy her) You better be nice to her, because she probably comes to life at night…be good..be VERY GOOD… eekkk. I have some trolls..ok it’s more like 20. HAHA!!

  18. I’m playing Kali’s giveaway, too!!!
    I’m not gonna lie, that doll kinda creeps me out.
    But when I was little I had a doll that would cry if it didn’t have its binki, and would laugh if I put a cordless phone up to it. The creepiest part would be when I was sleeping and the doll would be in the toy chest and start laughing in the middle of the night out. of. no. where. omg sooooooooooo creepy.

  19. I’m sure going to try, but I’ve never done that before… so I would hate to get a little too ambitious and disappoint.

    Ok, having said that “out loud” I feel kind of dumb. I definitely am going to try to do it though!

  20. Kissy! I bought one of them on ebay a few years ago. Never had one as a child and apparently, I felt slighted. They are really pretty dolls, aren’t they?

    Is your blog up and going?

  21. Ahhhh yes! A kindred spirit. This doll–amazingly, has never been scary to me. I just always felt so sorry for her. I used to think when she came to life at night she would smile because she was finally warm.

  22. I have never seen or heard of that doll. But seeing it, explains everything.

    I don’t think I ever owned a creepy doll. At least I can’t remember one. I did steal my cousin’s troll doll once. Shocker! Don’t worry, I got caught.

    My favorite dolls were Chrissy & Velvet. I loved how you could make their hair long or short. I always wished we came with a knob & a button to do the same thing.

  23. Yeah…those trolls could qualify as kinda creepy–especially those giant ones. They looked like they could swallow a small animal.

  24. Fun, I get to learn more about you this month!! Well that is a scary doll, it reminds me of “Chucky.” I saw that movie when I was probably about 7, and it scared me so bad that I was afraid of my baby dolls for a while. It still gives me the creeps. I have this awesome baby doll, well not really a baby but a big doll that I named Bonnie, her hear is like half bald, and now looking at her she is kinda scary, but not as bad as yours.

  25. Chucky?!! And just where was your mother when you were watching that dreadful show–young lady? Shame on whoever let you watch such a rotten thing. You poor kid.


  26. I believe it was my dad who let me watch it. I also watched Things like Arachnophobia, and Poltergeist. He liked those movies and I watched them so I could be with him. and you wonder why I’m so scared of everything… Hmmm wonder where I got that from?

  27. I felt for my dolls & stuffed animals too. I felt guilty if I played with one more than another, like it would hurt their feelings.

  28. I can truly relate to wanting something or somebody because nobody else probably would want them..I purchased an Amazon parrot in Denmark and brought with me to the US. We came over on an ocean liner, great trip, during an October storm. The custom guys didn’t have papers for a parrot, so I asked for dog papers and that worked out just fine. At that time we were not supposed to bring seeds etc into the country, but I convinced the custom guys that the big tub of sunflower and other seeds were parrot food and they accepted my explanation. I bought the parrot because he was missing a toe and I didn’t think anybody else would want him or take good enough care of him.
    p.s. I like your doll

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