Bedroom Style, Perfectly Pieced


It’s here!! It’s here! My Smarty-pants daughter’s book is finally here! Bedroom Style, Perfectly Pieced.


And it’s a masterpiece, I’ll tell you. It takes 10 different quilt patterns and shows you how to change the entire look and style of a room, by simply changing the fabric that your working with. I’m not even a hardcore “quilter” but I loved learning how to create different moods and feelings with certain color collections. It’s something that I’ve struggled with forever–that color thing.

After reading through this lovely thing, I think I finally, FINALLY get it.

And there is the slightest possibility that I will be able to choose my own yarn for the next crochet project without having to check in with my girl…you know, to make sure I wasn’t doing it…wrong, or ugly or unforgivably out of date. It’s an empowering feeling, I’ll tell you.

april's book!

So here’s what I think. I think you should click right here to get your own copy. Then take a picture of yourself holding the book in your own bedroom and go to April’s website and enter to win a $1000 Crate & Barrel Bedroom MAKEOVER!! Yeah, uh-huh.

The odds are good that you could win–so DO IT!!

You’ll become a color blending genius and we’ll love you forever.

Can’t beat that.

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~The Smoking Ghost~

Hey~ I want to show you an amazing new picture book about tobacco prevention–a very important subject for parents to help their kids understand and be prepared for. The illustrations are adorable, detailed paper cut art–which you should see up close to fully appreciate.

Aside from the valuable timely message that this book will help families with, I’m particularly excited to promote it in any way I can because the amazingly talented writer and illustrator is my very own niece– Emily!! Yes, yes–she is one clever gal, I’ll tell you, and we’re proud to call her ours.

Feel free to go to The Smoking Ghost and download the digital copy for just $2.99!

Great writer. Valuable topic. Perfect price.

Go. Go. Do it. Do it. Tell your friends.

You’ll be glad you did!


Movie Giveaway WINNERS!

Yes, yes…that’s what I said…WINNERS…with an “S.”

See, it’s like this—since there were only a handful of entries in the first place, and since I’m not very good at choosing winners and since I have a deep seeded desire to make everybody happy all at the same time, the best thing to do was to let everyone win. :} I know, I know. Therapy could probably help, but that’s not happening…and this is way cheaper. Heh..

So, Kathy Lawrence is the first winner of the movie Sea Biscuit and the coveted Thor dolly. Dude, Kathy–prepare to be surrounded by total awesomeness. No, really.

And to the rest of you–Sea Biscuits for everyone!! Try to be brave about the Thor plush…I only had one.  So now– Lynnette, Andrea, Martha, Tracy and Amy–if I don’t already have your address then you’ll need to send it to me at Simple as that.

Congratulations to the whole planet…kind of.

:} with love,


Movie Favorites Giveaway~

If you know me even a teeny tiny bit, then it’s quite likely that you are completely aware that I’m positively in love with…

Thor.  I know, I know. Chris Hemsworth is too young for me…I’m too old for him…bla-bla-bla. But you see, I’m not in love with Chris Hemsworth. I’m in love with Thor. Not entirely sure what the difference is, but I’m confident there is one. Thor is a god after all and is very strong and has long hair and gets to wear that smashing red…um…outfit. Anyway, it works for me.

So well in fact that I’m giving away a Thor character doll just like the one I got for Mother’s Day. Yes, my kids indulge my eccentricities quite nicely, wouldn’t you say? It’s perfect. I have one and if you win–you’ll have one too. Imagine the possibilities!!

But that’s not all. A few days ago, I was all alone and pulled out Seabiscuit–which happens to be my favorite movie of all time…that doesn’t have Thor in it.

SO–I’m giving a copy of it away too.

Thor AND Seabiscuit–what and incredible combo!

Leave a comment below and you’ll be entered. Simple as that.

I’ll choose a winner on Monday…at 10am sharp.

Are you shivering? Are you quivering? Are you speechless with joy?

Yeah, me too.

Heh, heh.

Hunger Games: What’s In The Bag?

Whenever we have one of our Movie Premier Parties, I get emails from people who weren’t able to come, asking what is in the prize bags that each ticket holder gets. So I’ll show you. First of all the Hunger Games bags had a district tag on them so it was kind of fun to see which district you were divided into.

The contents of these prize bags were a bit more detailed this time. Usually we have a couple of cute show souvenirs  and a snack or two. But this time we wanted to focus more on the characters in the show and what they might give, if they could, to each guest.

From Katniss, we have an arrow necklace.

From Gale, a hearty little beef stick–so we don’t starve.

Breadsticks from Peeta Melark…the boy with the bread.

Madge gave everyone a Mockingjay button pin, to keep our spirits up.

The Baker gave everyone two cookies…maybe because he felt sorry for us, I don’t know.

Onion soup mix from Greasy Sae…ewww-wah.

Snarky old Haymitch sent along an emergency blanket.

Sweet Rue gave some fruit jelly from her orchards back home.

We even tucked in a random finger puppet from our friends at WeeKnit with this quote about the Capitol. It seemed to fit…hahaha!

Cinna gave a pine fire starter and a box of matches.

And lastly, ridiculous Effie Trinket donated a sparkly necklace and a Ring Pop so that we could pretend to be from the completely-over-the-top Capitol set.

So, what do you think? Aren’t the prize bags so much fun? Turns out, we have a couple of them left over from the party that we’d like to giveaway. So, if you’d like to win one of the bags from our premiere and get the feel for being there–just leave a comment on the post today and I’ll choose a winner or two on Friday at 10am. How’s that?

May the odds be ever in your favor.

heh, heh.