Movie Giveaway WINNERS!

Yes, yes…that’s what I said…WINNERS…with an “S.”

See, it’s like this—since there were only a handful of entries in the first place, and since I’m not very good at choosing winners and since I have a deep seeded desire to make everybody happy all at the same time, the best thing to do was to let everyone win. :} I know, I know. Therapy could probably help, but that’s not happening…and this is way cheaper. Heh..

So, Kathy Lawrence is the first winner of the movie Sea Biscuit and the coveted Thor dolly. Dude, Kathy–prepare to be surrounded by total awesomeness. No, really.

And to the rest of you–Sea Biscuits for everyone!! Try to be brave about the Thor plush…I only had one.  So now– Lynnette, Andrea, Martha, Tracy and Amy–if I don’t already have your address then you’ll need to send it to me at Simple as that.

Congratulations to the whole planet…kind of.

:} with love,


6 Replies to “Movie Giveaway WINNERS!”

  1. SA WEET!!!!! Now I will have to hid that little doll from my girlies! Awesome thanks for the chance to win!

  2. WHAT!!!!!!! How cool is that! Thanks for taking such good care of me – I’m am so excited. I have a quilt to pick up down your way so maybe I could just come get it and give you a hug in person, that is if I can get a hold of that amazing daughter of yours. Maybe you could try and then let me know 🙂

    I think I have to pinch myself to make sure it’s true – way to make my day friend.

  3. Wait, I’m coming for a certain wedding this very Sat (whether the quilt is done or not) so I can get it then if that’s okay.

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