Bedroom Style, Perfectly Pieced


It’s here!! It’s here! My Smarty-pants daughter’s book is finally here! Bedroom Style, Perfectly Pieced.


And it’s a masterpiece, I’ll tell you. It takes 10 different quilt patterns and shows you how to change the entire look and style of a room, by simply changing the fabric that your working with. I’m not even a hardcore “quilter” but I loved learning how to create different moods and feelings with certain color collections. It’s something that I’ve struggled with forever–that color thing.

After reading through this lovely thing, I think I finally, FINALLY get it.

And there is the slightest possibility that I will be able to choose my own yarn for the next crochet project without having to check in with my girl…you know, to make sure I wasn’t doing it…wrong, or ugly or unforgivably out of date. It’s an empowering feeling, I’ll tell you.

april's book!

So here’s what I think. I think you should click right here to get your own copy. Then take a picture of yourself holding the book in your own bedroom and go to April’s website and enter to win a $1000 Crate & Barrel Bedroom MAKEOVER!! Yeah, uh-huh.

The odds are good that you could win–so DO IT!!

You’ll become a color blending genius and we’ll love you forever.

Can’t beat that.

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