My Very Own Quilt

Now, I ask you–isn’t this the most beautiful quilt you’ve EVER seen in all your life?! No need to answer because of COURSE it is!!

Long ago, I told April, my quilty daughter, that I would love a quilt made with only fabric that she designed and this is the lovely creation that she gave me.

It’s the perfect combination of pinks and purples and everything else to keep me happy for a very, very long time.

Thank you so much April!! I ADORE it!!



Meadowbloom Cupboard Curtain

Well, here it is my dears! I got tired of waiting for the painting muses to give me the oomph that I needed to refinish the cupboard doors. This was a waaay better option–for sure!

The fabric is my daughter April’s own Meadowbloom from Moda– which she designed herself. Isn’t it gorgeous? I’m a lucky duck to know that girl, alright.

I have to say–it’s a good thing that cupboard curtains are all the thing right now because, well, I’ll take a sewing machine over a paintbrush ANYday.

Three Wise Fellows

It is a peculiar thing to me that I seem to be the only person on earth that knows the song, “Out of the East.”

Of course, my poor children know it too because I’ve drummed it into their unsuspecting little minds since babyhood.

My point is that if anyone besides us actually knew and loved that song–we would certainly be singing it now.

Because, I mean really…

are these not the cutest…

most adorable wise men you’ve ever seen?!

It’s this year’s present for my daughter’s birthday. She’s already had the Holy Family, the Shepherds, the donkey, and a lamb…

so logically, these little dollies had to be next.

with their priceless, precious, button gifts for the little baby.

You can’t hear it, but I’m singing…

“Out of the East there came riding…riding, three of the wisest of men…”



The Holy Family

The Shepherds

The Donkey & Lamb

The Camel


Crochet Nativity– Donkey & The Lamb

Ooooooh lookey here!! It’s time for my cute daughter’s birthday again and so you know what that means— a few more pieces for her nativity.

Just look at this little cutie! Awwwww….

This little guy is soooo adorable, I have to tell you–he was hard to give away.

And now we have handsome Mr. Donkey. He turned out a bit bigger than I expected. No, like bigger than Joseph. *Sigh.*┬áThat’s what happens when you don’t have the original pieces to use as a reference. GIANT stable animals. We’ve decided to pretend that everyone is kneeling–except the huge animals.

I must say, THIS nativity set has a ton of personality.

And I love it.

Crochet Nativity- The Shepherds

Our lovely little Crochet Nativity adventure began last year. The very next thing that happened after that sweet baby arrived in the manger–was those lovely little shepherds showed up.

But my poor daughter April had to wait a whole YEAR to get these little guys to come around. A few pieces each year, for her next birthday is about as good as I can do.

Totally worth the wait—wouldn’t you say?

The basic Nativity pattern is found HERE. Of course, I mess around with it in my own way. Heh, heh.