Hunger Games: What’s In The Bag?

Whenever we have one of our Movie Premier Parties, I get emails from people who weren’t able to come, asking what is in the prize bags that each ticket holder gets. So I’ll show you. First of all the Hunger Games bags had a district tag on them so it was kind of fun to see which district you were divided into.

The contents of these prize bags were a bit more detailed this time. Usually we have a couple of cute show souvenirs  and a snack or two. But this time we wanted to focus more on the characters in the show and what they might give, if they could, to each guest.

From Katniss, we have an arrow necklace.

From Gale, a hearty little beef stick–so we don’t starve.

Breadsticks from Peeta Melark…the boy with the bread.

Madge gave everyone a Mockingjay button pin, to keep our spirits up.

The Baker gave everyone two cookies…maybe because he felt sorry for us, I don’t know.

Onion soup mix from Greasy Sae…ewww-wah.

Snarky old Haymitch sent along an emergency blanket.

Sweet Rue gave some fruit jelly from her orchards back home.

We even tucked in a random finger puppet from our friends at WeeKnit with this quote about the Capitol. It seemed to fit…hahaha!

Cinna gave a pine fire starter and a box of matches.

And lastly, ridiculous Effie Trinket donated a sparkly necklace and a Ring Pop so that we could pretend to be from the completely-over-the-top Capitol set.

So, what do you think? Aren’t the prize bags so much fun? Turns out, we have a couple of them left over from the party that we’d like to giveaway. So, if you’d like to win one of the bags from our premiere and get the feel for being there–just leave a comment on the post today and I’ll choose a winner or two on Friday at 10am. How’s that?

May the odds be ever in your favor.

heh, heh.

18 Replies to “Hunger Games: What’s In The Bag?”

  1. That is absolutely incredible – I know a few folks who would love to feel like they were part of the party. You guys are just amazing – I’d like to sit in on the next planning meeting to see how you do it 🙂

  2. You are amazing! I havent read the book and the previews make me sad- dont know that I want to see it!

  3. I wished I could have come, I love the movies with you guys! Rob had just come back from Texas so I wanted to go out with him and the kids.
    EEKK! So many exciting things happening at your house too! New baby, engagement…WOOT WOOT! I need to come over, I miss you all too much! MWA!

  4. Now I’m even more sad that I wasn’t able to take April up on the offer to buy tickets. Next time you guys plan a movie premier, I’m totally going!

  5. Wow! I can’t believe all the things you thought of to put in the goodie bag! All great ideas! I read the Hunger Games series before it got really popular and I am not surprised at how much people love it! I bought all the books and am on my way through it a second time. I wanted to go to the premier but didn’t get a chance to sign up for tickets because I am going to school and have two kids, so I am pretty busy. Anyway, thought I would comment. Good job with the cute goody bag!

  6. Oh, pick me, pick me! I want one soooooo bad! I can’t wait to see it but haven’t been able to. I’m hoping to go next week! Please pick me!

  7. So I know I already commented but I wanted to say, there are two main things that make me really really sad that I’m not in Utah anymore, one is my friend April who is not going to be in Utah soon, and the other is you guys! I miss Jilly and hanging out at your house and your amazing movie parties!

  8. You know…we weren’t even going to do this one and then, when it got closer…we couldn’t help ourselves. We’re nerds. :}

  9. Oh, I know. The whole premise is horrific. I kept thinking that over and over. But she is an incredible writer and the movie was really, really well done. I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to this sort of thing…but it turned out good. :}

  10. Well, come on then. Not so sure what we’ll be doing next because the studios are making it kind of miserable with all their new rules and regulations. But it still turned out so fun. :}

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