Happy Birthday Harry Potter!!


Hard to believe, but today marks Harry Potter’s 35th birthday. How is that even possible?! We’ve never enjoyed a series of books, as a family, quite like the Harry Potter series. And certainly, I’ve never watched the same series of movies over and over and OVER again–like I have this one.

Perhaps, I’ll celebrate Harry’s Birthday by pulling the books off the shelf one more time.


Because, you know…there can never be too much magic for me.

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PS–Remember our Harry Potter movie parties? Oh, my goodness, how fun they were!! Let’s do it again–shall we?

Severus Forever

HP3-TRL-022C_rgb.jpg Film Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

Those of you who know me, are most likely aware that I have a deep and ridiculous love for Severus Snape. Yeah…I know. You have your Valentine, and I’ll have mine.

But I’ve been crazy about this guy since waaay before he turned into one of the heroes of the whole wizarding world. Perhaps I have a deep seeded Bad Boy thing going on…I don’t know. But this picture here is what lit the torch. The second he instinctively threw his arms around the three kids–that he can’t stand–to protect them from the crazy old werewolf…oooh, I was a gonner. Pretty stuck on protective men. Incredibly attractive trait, even in a grumpy old wizard.

So, when someone, somewhere put together this recap of the life of Severus Snape from the beginning to the end…holy cow. Let’s just say that I had to put my make up on twice that day.

Perhaps I even bawled like a baby.

Rip Snape

Good thing I was alone.

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Breaking Dawn 2 Premiere

This year, for the Breaking Dawn 2 movie premiere–because we had a pre-midnight (9:00pm) showing–the “studio” wouldn’t allow us to promote our event in any social media outlet what-so-ever. That meant, no posting on Facebook, or Twitter, or babbling about it on Gracious Rain…my own blog. I have say, that was a big, huge, drag–because, as you can imagine, at least half the fun is showing you what we’re doing–as it’s happening. It’s so much fun to share every second with my friends–you guys, and when they told me I’d have to keep it quiet….

well, for a select few of us, that’s nearly impossible.

Painful even.

So, here at long last, are the contents of our Magical Goodie Bags. Are you ready?

As every Twilight fan knows–vampires don’t actually have fangs. But for the sake of the party bags, we had to take advantage of any vampire themed do-dads that we could, so Fang Candy was a great find.

And how could we resist Vampire Whoop Whistles? We couldn’t.

Glow-in-the-dark Biting Fangs–my personal favorite. We walk around with these things in our mouths for weeks. Nothing beats having a 4 year old grin at you with vampire fangs.  :I

If you’ve read the Twilight books, you know that one of the Vampire Covens that comes to help the Cullen family is from Ireland. To represent them in our Goodie Bags, we made a Celtic Knot bracelet for everyone.

For the Amazon Coven we thought tropical fruity candy would be funny. Not exactly Amazon…but we tried.

The sweet little Werewolf and Vampire boxes hold a tiny snowflake Christmas ornament from the Denali Coven in Alaska.

Naturally…NATURALLY we needed Werewolf hair cotton candy. The very idea is positively hideous in such a fun way that we had to have it.

We made 200 Scarab Necklaces from the Egyptian Coven.

So. Much. Fun.

The Yes Utah Organ Donation Group gave us pens and chapstick…to keep those Vampire lips from getting weathered. heh, heh.

As you may recognize our favorite movie prize from our friends at WeeKnit. This time Jenny made us an adorable “Vampire Bella” finger puppet, complete with her torn up blue dress and white, sparkly skin. Perfect!

The last little trinket is a goofy Fang Bracelet kit, but since it was in pieces, that proved to be the best gift from the Volturi…cause, you know, they like to…ahem…tear things up.

A wonderful treat bag, good friends and an incredible movie with a totally fabulous surprise ending.

I’m not kidding. I screamed…


The very best Twilight yet. :}  :I  :}

PS~ We’ll be making a Gracious Rain Event Page soon so that we can communicate with anyone who would like to know about our events. So watch for that coming soon!

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