Mini Cookie Fest

Our girl, April brought the kids over and just happened to bring a few Easter cookies to decorate. A few, being enough for everybody to have…one. It was perfect.

A lovely adventure, with just enough frosting to go around nicely.  No, I did not tell Mr. Beck to lick the knife like that–he came up with the idea on his own. Spooky.

Next, of course, it was time to add the sprinkles. Luckily, the shaker tops have teeny, tiny holes so that little hands can’t get too carried away.

But I guess it is possible to get quite a pile if you just shake long enough, which he apparently…did.

Sweet Miss Lily had a different idea.

All she wanted was the crystal sugar–in pink and purple.  And everyone knows that you can never have enough pink and purple–even on a cookie. Or anywhere else for that matter.

It’s a color preference that this wise girl shares with her Grammy. Good form my dear. You’ll go far.

At last, Miss Chompy had her turn with the sparkles–and she didn’t want any help. Some things are best done alone you know. Just a girl, her thoughts and a cookie.

After all, it’s a special moment when you can help a lowly cookie reinvent itself into a work of art…a masterpiece, even.

Just before…

you wolf it down.

We gotta make more of these. One each just doesn’t cut it.

And I hear it’s not polite to wrestle goodies from the grasp of a 4 year old. 

Well, how would I know that?



4 Replies to “Mini Cookie Fest”

  1. Those cookies look good. My Mom has the girl’s come over for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and Christmas to decorate cookies. It is fun to see how their artistic sides develop each holiday.

  2. Baby Chomp loves making recipes and helping with projects, so decorating cookies is a favorite for sure! Thanks for sharing April and thanks Mom for always keeping track of the fun things they do… I’m so glad we have so many happy adventures recorded so we can look back on them and enjoy it all again and again! 🙂

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