Soap Chip Sack

Yeah…say that 3 times fast. Heh, heh.

Remember a few months back, when I shared the pattern for a sweet little soap sack–you know, to keep the soap from sitting in water and getting all…ummm…disgusting?

Since then, this little do-dad has really been earning it’s keep and is, as we speak, hanging out in the shower window keeping a very lovely hand made bar of spice soap safe from all known evils.

Well, I’d like to introduce you to Soap Bag’s baby brother…Chip.

 You know all those soap ends that are too small to do anything but be aggravating and yet, for some goofy reason still feel wrong and wasteful to throw out?

Well, here’s the answer! Just pile all those little pieces into this new bag–with a tighter mesh, and smaller holes, cinch the top and TA-DA…

you have a whole new soft, scrubbie with never ending suds! Ok, well, maybe not the never ending part, but you get what I’m saying. It’s like having a whole new bar of soap come from out of nowhere. And how green is that?

I’ll be putting a ton of these in my Gracious Rain Shop in the next few days, but if you’d rather make a couple yourself–I’d be happy to post the pattern.

Let me know. I’m glad to oblige–especially for such a noble cause. Because you know~being resourceful feels soooo good.


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  1. Follow the basic pattern only do single crochet, chain one instead of the double crochet chain one. And since it will make the rows shorter you’ll need to do 12 to 14 rows. 🙂

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