Tarmac The Bunny–Again

Of course, I posted this last year, but it kinda bugged me. The ears were too big and weird. Soooooo….

I wrapped the bottoms with black yarn and Poof!!

If you didn’t catch this bunny at the exact right angle, you’d never know. Feeling a bit clever…and just a tad lazy. Haha.

Still loving that bitty basket.

Happy Easter.

“Paper” Chains

Oh, my goodness do I ever have a new LOVE!! I mean, seriously–just look at these cute little crocheted “paper” chains!!

Yeah, it started out innocently enough. I found the pattern for these red, white and blue ones and tweaked it in a few crucial places–as is my style–and we ended up with these pretties.

Then, try as I may, I couldn’t stop. They just kept coming and coming and coming. These “summer” ones looked more like Easter sooo, I finished them and put them downstairs in the box with all the baskets.

Then the quest for the perfect real Summer colors began and ended here. What do you think? I lovvvvve them. They just scream beaches, hot sun and ripe peaches.

Now, you would likely think that I’d be done by now but noooOOOooo. Considering my yarn stash is about nine miles wide–I have SUCH plans…

starting right here.

Heh, heh, heh.


Happy Easter–Egg!!

I have to admit, Easter caught us a bit off guard this year. ¬†Easter in March is just…you know–weird. It’s still cold out and there’s not too much Spring yet. Who decides these things anyway?

IMG_1901The kids declared that an egg hunt was in order–whether or not Spring had officially sprung.

IMG_1903And what child will ever argue with a basket full of Easter eggs with tons of surprises inside?


The big “kids” were thrilled at the prospect too.


Back in my day–when I was the mama filling all those eggs for my babies to find–we just packed those suckers with as many malt ball eggs and jelly beans and gummy bunnies as we could get our mitts on.

It’s a wonder all their teeth didn’t fall out. Sheesh.

But this year–my smart cookie daughter, came up with an idea that would give the kids just enough sugar in the plastic eggs to give them a buzz–but not so much that they’d run around the coffee table 45 times in 2 minutes.

She loaded some of the eggs with plastic coins that the kids could turn in to the Bunny Store, for cute little prizes. Good thinking girlie.


Candy-schmandy. What’s sugar compared to a Sponge Bob kite and a pink bunny face mask–I ask you?

The little peeps were thrilled beyond belief.


And we still found plenty of surprises in the eggs.


A Dress For Lilybird


Long ago, when April and I were gallivanting around from fabric shop to fabric shop—sounds lovely, doesn’t it? ANYway, at one pretty place they had an adorable little girls’ dress pattern from The Pink Fig that stole our collective hearts. So, April spent the next hour or so choosing fabric–a color festival that I’d prefer to watch, rather than participate in. When I’m involved, I keep trying to get things to match and apparently that’s not the thing anymore. Point is–if I let her pick the color pallet–and keep my nose out of it–it will be fabulous.


Those smashing fabrics sat in a bag for months until it dawned on us that it would be the perfect Easter dress for our sweet Lily. Ooooh, it’s been soooo long since I’ve actually sat down and sewed something. It was heavenly.


I quickly got over the color thing and the more I played with all this soft, lovely stuff–the more I loved it.


And to put to rest the idea that an old dog can’t learn new tricks–just lookey here. This, my friends is called shirring and it is beyond cool! If I’d have known that it was so easy to add stretchy stuff to my sewing–oh, my–the magic I could have performed over the years. But there’s no stopping me now. In fact, there’s liable to be elastic rows showing up in all kinds of places.¬† Heh, heh, heh.


A nice thing about this pattern too is that if you add ties, it’s easy to snug it right up to fit tiny birdies like Lily,


and leave plenty of room to grow.


Oh, and with enough fabric for just the right amount of twirl.


PS~ Beckham’s Easter outfit is an Oliver & S pattern that his mama made for him. I’ll have to find out which one and get back with it.