Hunger Games Premiere!

At last, the big day arrived and we were ready for our incredible Hunger Games Premiere.

After weeks and weeks of finding the right “gift” from each of the main characters…

and just the right quote to go along with it…

and then actually wrapping each and every little one–1100 prizes in all–11-12 per bag– let me tell you my hands were sore! But it was such fun.

We arrived at the theater one hour early and walked past hundreds of cute little folks camped out on the sidewalk, in the sun, just waiting for the midnight showing. We felt soooo lucky not to have to do that–like we have so many times in the past. But these old knees just don’t like sitting on the sidewalk like they used to.

Finally, our people started to file into the theater…

and scope out their prize bags.

Looks to me like they loved them!

People ask me all the time why we do these theater parties. They always want to know what we “get out of it.”

Funny question.

Here’s the answer.


Thank you so much April and Lyndi and Kathy–my kind, sweet, wise and all-knowing helpers. You always make it work and I couldn’t do it without you. I love you guys.

6 Replies to “Hunger Games Premiere!”

  1. You guys sure know how to have a good time. Glad it all worked out. You’re amazing!

  2. Yay for Hunger Games! It was sure a good one, and I’m pretty happy that I got home at 9:45!! xoxo

  3. It was so fun! I can’t wait for the next one. Hopefully I won’t be pregnant or had just had a baby. 😉 That seems to be my theme for each party. 😛

  4. Ohhh… this makes my heart ache; I SOOO wanted to be there with you all. Everything looks awesome and you did an AMAZING job with all those gifts. I hope people just loved them! I love helping you with these fun parties… it’s worth all the hard work to see all those smiles! 😀

  5. Well, I have to say–this movie event was totally weird because you weren’t there. Just positively not right somehow and not nearly as fun without you. That’s the gospel truth.

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