Valentine Pelethora

Buckeye Bars

Before we get into the Valentine ideas, crafts and recipes–I wanted to be sure to remind you of all the great stuff that is already here in the Recipe tab. We’ll have tons more good stuff coming up-so stay tuned. In the meantime–check out where we’ve been.

Tiny Cookie Valentines

Valentine Pancakes

Candy Ipod

Valentine Caramels

Bear Hug Valentines

Hot Chocolate Cake

Good luck resisting these goodies!

16 Replies to “Valentine Pelethora”

  1. So, I’m going to admit something that sounds REALLY crazy. Scrolling through this post, I saw that pancake picture and thought the middle of the heart had a baby inside of it still with it’s umbilical cord. Wow. I feel like those people that think they see the Madonna in a water stain or Abe Lincoln in a burned piece of toast.


  2. Really? I think it looks like a squirrel.

    Oh, and if you read this post backwards it will give you directions to the Lost City of Atlantis…and…who REALLY killed JFK.


  3. SO when I first saw the picture for this post I was like, “Hey, she already did that one last Valentines day.” Then I read it and realized that it was all about last V-day. Silly me. That’s what I get for thinking before I have the info. You have some great ideas and I’m excited for new ones.

  4. Hey, I could look at those buckeye bars alllll dayyyy longggg. They are so dang good. Some things just need to be repeated.

  5. I’m ok if we make the same Valentine’s treats this year because SOMEone didn’t get to TRY tehe Buckeye Bars. :'( Waaaa.

    You’ve got some hard acts to follow. 😉

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