Candy Ipod

I don’t actually have kids that are taking Valentines to school, but if I did–this would be the project of the year! I found it at Happiness is Homemade and it is just so dang cute.

You start with a box of conversation hearts. Wrap it in any kind of paper. I used white paper and Valentine cellophane. Be sure to print off the scroll wheel and play list that you’ll find at the site HERE.

I used clear packing tape to stick the playlist and scroll wheel on. It made the “screen” look shiny and kinda real. Next take cotton string or yarn and fix it to the top right hand corner of your “ipod” and tape two Hershey kisses to the ends of the yarn for “ear buds.”

If I didn’t believe in choice and agency–I swear, I’d force Rhen to take half a dozen of these to school Friday. Wouldn’t everyone just fall in love with him? Pretty sure that’s why he’d never do it.

Oh, and one more thing…

For my dear Daney-boy’s birthday on Friday, we were very brave and made Beet Soup–in his honor. By the way–he hates it. I guess they eat that a lot in Lithuania because he’s been served it a million times–and each person that makes it puts their own “spin” to the dish, by adding something. So far, he’s told us about hard boiled eggs, spinach, onions and sardines. Pardon me, while I gag. We left ours plain and just added cream to it. It was still pretty gross. To be fair, I’d like to make it again my own way and not by the recipe that we used. I actually like beets so I think if I tweaked the ingredients a tad then it might stand a chance.

Pretty much we were a very wasteful bunch and opted for cereal.

I need to send my son some Campbell’s Chunky. He’s really missing it.

Note: Beet soup may stain your sink too.  :]

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  1. Campbells Chunky is right. I’ll have to add some to the package we need to send him! 😉

    The iPod is AWESOME!!! It makes me wish I was in school or working or something sooo I could give these cute little things to people! I’ll join you in the effort to try and get Rhen to take some to school!

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