Valentine Pancakes-

My cute niece Tracy—


–did a post last week about making pancakes into shapes for her girls. They were the cutest things I’ve ever seen.  Anyway–I was so impressed that I decided to try it.

First–we got a mustard and ketchup squirter bottle from the dollar aisle at Target. We washed them out with warm soapy water first. You can fill them with your favorite pancake mix–well, unless it’s blueberry or some other chunky fruit thing–your favorite SMOOTH pancake mix.

Don’t be afraid. It was really fun. Just squirt the batter onto the hot pan–make the “picture” first and then fill it in. To be honest, I was terrible at it, but laughing through breakfast prep isn’t so bad, and they were still edible. The one above looks like it has a spooky little man in the middle. It was suppose to be a heart!

So then, I tried to make a happy face and ended up with some dude with dreadlocks! I told Rhen that I made him a Bob Marley pancake and he thought I was so incredibly cool! Heh, heh…

This heart looks more like a slingshot. Tracy–I need art lessons!

And here was my attempt to make a lacy heart. Can anyone else see a squirrel in there—or is it just me? :]

Perhaps this is more a self portrait than I’d like to think. Ha ha.

To tell you the truth–I’m sure your pancakes will be fabulous if you have the least bit of artistic talent. And if not, and you’re like me, you’ll just laugh your head off and your kids will think you’re the best–or nuts.

Either way, you get breakfast and everybody’s smiling.

Beat that.

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  1. I don’t usually like pancakes, but I think it would be really fun to make them this way! 😉 Bob Marley pancake is awesome, even if you didn’t mean for it to be him! Ha ha ha!!! Good job!

    Thanks for sharing Tracy… everyone should enjoy cooking every now and then!

  2. Thanks for the laugh & for bringing back a great memory for me. I used to make pancakes this way when Brandon was about 5 & I was a nanny for my brothers 2 kids. I also used to spell out their name in cursive with the pancake batter. They always loved the funny pics I could make. I had totally forgotten about that.

    I just might have to make heart pancakes for breakfast on Valentine’s Day.

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