From The Boy…

So, finally we get pictures of my baby boy from the MTC (Missionary Training Center)–and doesn’t he just look like he’s enjoying himself?

It’s so-SO strange to have him about 7 miles away and yet, I haven’t actually spoken to him in a month. He is a lovely little letter writer though and it’s the highlight of the week to get–first his email on Tuesday and then a few days later a real letter in the mailbox.

He’s learning the Russian language really fast–which is very satisfying to him and he’s making some wonderful friends too.  I can send him letters and packages and email whenever I want and it gets to him the same day. So there’s the advantage to living down the street from the MTC— which is good for my silly, achy mama heart.

He leaves for Russia in a few short weeks–so I have to send things while I can. Mail to Russia is very slow and it can take a month to get a letter and 3 months to get a package. That means that if I want him to get a present for his birthday in July, I’ll need to mail it in April–before he even leaves for the country. That’s crazy. But the best news is that when he’s at the airport, he gets to call home.

It will be so good to hear that cute voice again.



Happy Birthday Lynnette!

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  1. Thank you friend for the sweet wish. And for what it’s worth, you might want to have that birthday present sent to the MTC to go with him to be unwrapped in July, as you know postage to those far away places can often cost more than the present itself. He looks wonderful – so grateful for righteous missionaries.

  2. He looks like he loves what he is doing. That is the best. Just remember that time does pass and he will learn and grow so much on this journey. Bless you for teaching him to do what is right!

  3. Notice the crease mark in the first picture? That’s because he FOLDED them to fit them in the envelope. Silly guy. The next day, I sent him a pack of bigger envelopes!

  4. I have to have something be there when he gets to the country. Thank goodness for flat rate international postage boxes–that still cost a ton.

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