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  1. Launi,

    The world is ever so small. I just stumbled on your website looking for a link about Eloise Wilkin you posted way back – and noticed Missionary stuff posted. I too am LDS. Then I started looking around your blog – (I love fun blogs like these) and noticed you had a son going to Novo. Russia. That was my mission years back. I hate to say it is the best mission. (I have kept tags on the Novo Mission and have run into many RM’s over the years who had served there). Your son is blessed to be in an incredible place. I have lived in St. Pete, and Moscow and other overseas countries and there is no place on earth like Siberia. It is a special and wonderful place. The people are some of the most incredible I have met as I have traveled the world. I become so excited when I hear of others going there (and slightly jealous). I have only been able to return once – and am hoping one day the Lord will let me go back.
    May the Lord bless your son and you and your family as he serves in the greatest work in one of the greatest places.
    Happy Easter!!!
    A friend in the Gospel – out in the vast cyberworld

  2. Stephanie!! Thank you sooo much for your kind, sweet words. I’ve been feeling a bit mushy these past few days–missing my dear baby boy–so your comment means a lot to me today. How long ago did you serve there? I don’t normally get a ton of positive opinions about this place–just, “Wow. That’s cold!” and “Isn’t that where they send criminals?” Finally, thanks to you–we get some really happy news. I can hardly wait to share your comment with my sweet guy. Thank you so much. I hope you’ll stick around. We’d love to have you! :} :] :}

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