Flower Power

We took the babies to the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival for the first time in our livin’ lives. It was a lovely, lots of walking, flowery adventure. We saw pink tulips…

and crashing waterfalls,

yellow daffodils,

and secret gardens.

We saw orange and purple tulips…

and a cliff-dwelling mama owl.

We saw a sleepy baby Chompy…

and more tulips!

These were some of the really fancy ones–inside–entered in a competition for the most beautiful flower in the universe.

…although we did have a couple of our own…

and they were “blooming” cute.

Sorry, couldn’t help myself.



Happy Zucchini Bread Day!

5 Replies to “Flower Power”

  1. HA! The cut-out picture is classic. You’ve got almost every mood featured there 😉

  2. We are going to the tulp festival ourselves in a week and I can’t wait! It is a long drive, but such an adventure when we get there. Great pics!

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