Beckham asked for a Pokemon Diglett.  How hard could it be?  Why….I won’t even need a pattern.

Of course, right. But it severely complicates things when you wait waaaaay too long to finish it, and end up sewing the rocks and dirt around him in the car, ON THE WAY to the birthday party.

I had planned to do a way better job with this one. In fact, I told Beck that I wanted to make his eyes shiny and put tons more dirt around him but he said, “No, I like him just like that.”

So, the lesson learned here is do it right BEFORE the kid sees it because you won’d have time for redemption afterwards. Hahaha.

But even the baby was taken with it.

I’d love to stick around, but I’m afraid there are more birthdays coming.

Gotta go sew.



PS– In the end I wasn’t completely satisfied with the look of this little fella–so I took him back home and reworked him. Check out the new and improved Diglett HERE.  We’re alllll a lot happier now.

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