Diglett Evolution

When I made the last Diglett for Beckham’s Birthday, I wasn’t particularly satisfied. He was cute enough, but only just barely. I wanted him to be cuter.  I wanted him to look like the Diglett I would have made if I wasn’t in such a hurry. It was keeping me up at night.

I mean it.

Then, Rhenny-boy showed me this evolution of Diglett called Alola.

Recognizing my chance to make the changes I wanted…

I kidnapped him.This little guy totally got a make-over. He has a new nose, new felted eyes, new lumpy, bumpy,  more stable dirt and LOOK…

He even has HAIR!! This is the cutie that I wanted to make if I’d have not had to rush so much at the end. So incredibly much more huggable than the last guy.

Best of all, Beckham loves him and I can finally, finally get some sleep.

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  1. Hi Launi –

    This doesn’t really pertain to the crochet, but I couldn’t find a contact link so this is the best I can do. I am an artist and a photo that you posted on your site interests me a lot as an inspiration for a small painting. Not that it would be a copy, but more for the expressions and lighting; I tend to abstract my subject matter a bit and change things up. Anyhow, I wondered if you were alright with that or perhaps this is not a personal photo. Could you enlighten me? Here’s the link:

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