Night Moon–A Special Pokemon

A few years ago, a friend asked if I would make her daughter a “special” Pokemon character– a bit like Umbreon.

Only she wanted one that she designed herself.  Sent me the picture of what she wanted and everything.


The original “Umbreon” looks like this– yellow circles and stripes.

But the one sheeeee wanted would have white stripes and circles, white feet and have a mane–

like Eevee.

With her picture and a very nice basic pattern from Wolfdreamer…

I jumped in.

It actually took a few weeks, working at night.

I could see it in my head, which is a huge plus when you’re doing something like this.

But it usually means you’ll be pulling out a ton of your work–until it looks…positively perfect.  I took the ears out a couple of times. Did the head twice. And that mane. Phew.

By the time I was finished, it felt like one of my own kids. The hardest part was putting it in a box and shipping it off to it’s new home.

Have a happy life Night Moon!

Pokemon Crochet

I’ve posted about my cute little crocheted Pokemon–but I thought it would be a good idea to get them all together in one place.

Snorlax was the very first Pokemon that I ever crocheted. I wasn’t really good at it to begin with but Miss Chompy didn’t care. She loved him anyway. 

Then along came Diglett for Mr. Beckham. He went through a few revisions before we were satisfied.

Lily wanted anything that looked like a cat so she chose Skitty

Vaporeon was next, for a friend. It felt really funny mailing this on away–almost like it was a favorite pet or something. But fear not, she has a happy home now. 

This guy, we’re calling “Night Moon” is a unique take on the Pokemon Umbreon. The little girl asked for some specific changes in color and she wanted a white mane too. Poof! As you wish.

Magoo asked for a classic standard–good, old Pikachu. Took three days to get his eyes right. Sheesh. 

And lastly—so far–we have Squirtle! I have a feeling that I’ll be making a few more of this one as he seems to be everyone’s favorite.

Most of these little critters were made last year from patterns I got from Googling the characters. Of course, I have to make my own changes to most of them so that they look as much like the real Pokemon as possible.

What should I make next?

Pokemon “Squirtle”

This little do-dad is probably everyone’s favorite Pokemon. His name is, of course Squirtle. He looks like a turtle–but he sort of spits water–if I understand correctly. Hence the name…Squirtle.

I always try to picture the little folks that stay awake all night to think up these wacko names. And there are billions of them…so, yeah…lots of people staying up very, very late. But I digress.

This little fella has a cute blue curly tail…

and a sweet brown turtle shell–like a backpack.

I usually do the eyes in felt because it’s waaay easier to get them to look right if you can be precise with this feature alone. You can forgive a lot in a character recreation, but if the eyes are wrong, then…why bother to go to all the work?

Thank you, thank you WolfDreamer for writing this pattern. It’s for SURE I’m not reinventing THIS wheel.

Not too bad…right?


Ahhhhh…sweet little Vaporeon. She’s an evolution of the Pokemon Evie. And while I have never really studied the zillions of different Pokemon that are out there in the world–it seems that the more I crochet for friends and family, the more I’m asked to crochet…for friends and family. Haha.

So, be impressed that I now know several different ones quite intimately, indeed.

I started with several patterns that I found online and improvised as I went along.

Longer legs than the pattern calls for? I can do that.

A more majestic head fin? No problem

A cuter mouth?  Got it.

Slightly poky spine plates? Check.

More elaborate collar? Check.

A more fishy tail? And double check.

This little thing was actually hard to send away to it’s new home. I’d grown rather attached to her by the time I’d finished. In the end–I swallowed hard and boxed her up. I’m sure she’s happy with her forever family now and I’m on to my next project.

Never a dull moment.

Diglett Evolution

When I made the last Diglett for Beckham’s Birthday, I wasn’t particularly satisfied. He was cute enough, but only just barely. I wanted him to be cuter.  I wanted him to look like the Diglett I would have made if I wasn’t in such a hurry. It was keeping me up at night.

I mean it.

Then, Rhenny-boy showed me this evolution of Diglett called Alola.

Recognizing my chance to make the changes I wanted…

I kidnapped him.This little guy totally got a make-over. He has a new nose, new felted eyes, new lumpy, bumpy,  more stable dirt and LOOK…

He even has HAIR!! This is the cutie that I wanted to make if I’d have not had to rush so much at the end. So incredibly much more huggable than the last guy.

Best of all, Beckham loves him and I can finally, finally get some sleep.