Pokemon “Squirtle”

This little do-dad is probably everyone’s favorite Pokemon. His name is, of course Squirtle. He looks like a turtle–but he sort of spits water–if I understand correctly. Hence the name…Squirtle.

I always try to picture the little folks that stay awake all night to think up these wacko names. And there are billions of them…so, yeah…lots of people staying up very, very late, no doubt drinking gallons of Red Bull. But I digress.

This little fella has a cute blue curly tail…

and a sweet brown turtle shell–like a backpack.

I usually do the eyes in felt because it’s waaay easier to get them to look right if you can be precise with this feature alone. You can forgive a lot in a character recreation, but if the eyes are wrong, then…why bother to go to all the work?

Thank you, thank you WolfDreamer for writing this pattern. It’s for SURE I’m not reinventing THIS wheel.

Not too bad…right?

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  1. He’s SOOO cute!!! I love Squirtle! You’ve made so many cute Pokemon!

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