Ahhhhh…sweet little Vaporeon. She’s an evolution of the Pokemon Evie. And while I have never really studied the zillions of different Pokemon that are out there in the world–it seems that the more I crochet for friends and family, the more I’m asked to crochet…for friends and family. Haha.

So, be impressed that I now know several different ones quite intimately, indeed.

I started with several patterns that I found online and improvised as I went along.

Longer legs than the pattern calls for? I can do that.

A more majestic head fin? No problem

A cuter mouth?  Got it.

Slightly poky spine plates? Check.

More elaborate collar? Check.

A more fishy tail? And double check.

This little thing was actually hard to send away to it’s new home. I’d grown rather attached to her by the time I’d finished. In the end–I swallowed hard and boxed her up. I’m sure she’s happy with her forever family now and I’m on to my next project.

Never a dull moment.

3 Replies to “Vaporeon”

  1. You are simply amazing my friend. Honestly, no words other than WOW!!!! What a lucky home and family to receive such a sweet friend.

  2. This is seriously AWESOME!!! I hope you’ll make more! 😀 There are SOOO many cute Pokemon and other characters… but crocheting them just ups the cuteness beyond belief!

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