When It Snows

When the snow really comes down–well, for how much it ever really snows in Utah–

at least when there is enough to blanket the ground and the trees and the bushes…

I love to go out and stand in the quiet and just turn slowly and look at how beautiful it all is.

It’s like a funny, magical, lovely miracle that I am here, in this place at this time of my life. Sometimes I just stand there for a while, allllll alone and let it take my breath away.

But then I remember, the other sweetness is that we’re never, any of us, ever completely alone…

are we?

One Reply to “When It Snows”

  1. I’m so glad… I love being around other people. It’s nice to bask in the quiet or peacefulness especially of a snowy day, but I’m glad we aren’t each on our own planets all alone. 🙂

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