Cheese Ball Carrots

Around here there are a ton of people that we love to give things too–especially if there’s a reason to do it…you know, like a holiday or something. Friends, neighbors, daughters, sons, sweet little grand-babies–they’re all in desperate need of some cute little Cheeto Carrot love–don’t-cha think? I so agree.

I could have used the carrot shaped cello bags that are kicking around now, but I worried that they’d be too small to hold a decent amount of Cheetos. One should NOT be stingy with Cheetos, after all. So, I used 12″ disposable icing bags instead. We’ll have a million left, but I’m sure they’ll be used for another noble cause. Heh…

They were the perfect size.

Had a small struggle finding actual Cheeto Balls. Heaven knows there are every other shape in the world right now, just not round. We found these at Wal-mart–finally, finally.

Again I say they were…perfect!

Last of all we used two strands of green curly ribbon for the carrot tops. As you can see, they are fabulous. Just waiting for a sweet little Easter tag and off they’ll go to their new homes to spread joy and happiness…

as only a Cheeto can.


Quick Christmas Gifts

Family Faces Match-Up

Now you may just recognize many of these quick gifts from the past–but a good thing bares repeating–right? So, in the hopes of offering a few fun, fast ideas to help your holidays have a cozy, handmade feel–I’m dusting off a few favorites.

Button Bauble Bracelet

Personal History Prompt Jar

Washcloth Bibs

Covered Clipboards

Flowered Headbands

Soma Cube Puzzle

Mosiac Bead Bracelet

Hope this helps with your Christmas lists my friends. Let me know…   :}

Happy holiday crafting!!

Breaking Dawn Set-Up

If you’ve ever seen or better yet been to one of our Movie Premier Parties–then you’ll likely recognize this scene.

But we did things a bit differently this time around.

We held a reception for Edward and Bella and a bunch of their friends in Utah.  :}

As you can see– B & E had tons of wedding gifts and they were perfectly willing to share with their guests.

We had chocolate cake with vanilla custard filling…

reception mints–seriously, what’s a reception without them?

and vanilla cake with chocolate custard filling. Perfect.

Of course, our sweet helpers–Amy, the gift girl…

Kathy–our goodie bag, set up and all around everything helper–despite the fact that she is expecting a little “nudger” of her own in January…

Tracy– our cake server sweetie…

April–our prize photographer. Apparently, this movie brings out the romantic side of some people!

and Lyndi our Goodie Bag organizer and theater seat coordinator. Thanks so much to everyone who helped make this such a wonderful event!

Watch for more photos in the next few days–when they come from the photographer. Honestly, we had– So. Much. Fun.

Oh, and the movie was incredible too!

For the Holidays~

If you’ve spent much time at all with us here–then it’s quite likely, you know that I’m crazy about these little finger puppets from WeeKnit.

I’m so nuts, in fact that I use them for all the Gracious Rain Premiers. I can’t help myself. I LOVE THEM!!

But it’s not just me–Miss Chompy loves them too–and I can prove it–right HERE.

So, of course, I’m freaking out over all the adorable holiday sets…

well, at least the ones that I don’t already have.

Heh, heh.

So, if I were you–I would whip right on over there and grab some of these cuties up–just in time for Christmas. Oh, and if you use the coupon code “GRain10” you’ll even get 10% off your order–just because you’re a Gracious Rain reader. Hurry though–this offer is good until October 15th.

See–it pays to know people…

especially, clever people.

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Tink’s Fairy Cottage

Finally, finally finished…

and ready to be taken over by fairy folk.

And I dare say that as soon as Lily sees it, there will be pixie dust everywhere.

It has room to lounge around..

or to play Statue Maker in the corner…

or to just sit back and laugh your head off.

Whatever floats your boat.

With button closures to hold it together…

and a cozy pocket to keep everyone calm and collected and safe.  Kinda makes you want to be a fairy–doesn’t it?

Well, if you want to make a sweet little doll house, or barn or garage or fairy cottage–it’s really up to you—I found the instructions at UK Lass in US. Be sure to read through the directions a few times to get it all sorted out in your head. I made 3 at one time–so I’ll have to show you the other two…

as soon as I finish them.

So tell me…what do you think?