Mother’s Day Getaway~ 2

Day 1 (cont.)


April’s idea of a lovely Mother’s Day treat was for all the ladies in the family to head on over to The Clique in Lindon, to get a pedicure–all at the same time! Now I’ve never had a pedicure before in all my life and I have to say–it was positively heavenly!

First they soaked our feet in these little warm jacuzzi foot baths. Some of us ancient folk had to have double time in this phase. Ok, so these old feet haven’t been baby soft in a long time–so between you and me, I didn’t mind the extra time and attention. It felt fabulous!

I always thought that I’d be mortified to have a foot massager give me a foot massage or rub warm lotion on my legs and feet, or that I’d be too embarrassed to just sit there and let someone else do the work of making my feet…actually pretty. But the ladies at The Clique were just adorable–they helped us all feel relaxed and comfortable–so comfortable in fact, that I nearly fell asleep at one point. And oh, how good it felt to just sit back and let it all happen.

After nearly an hour of pure pampering, there was only one thing left to do…

–choose the perfect color! And choose we did–each matching our…um….unique personalities. Then, some of the girls found the perfect boots to go with those fancy new feet. But we’ll be wearing sandals for a while yet. I mean, honestly, no way we’re hiding these pretty little pinkies.Β  :}

If you haven’t had a pedicure before–do it, do it! Your toes will thank you. And if you’re in the neighborhood–check out The Clique. Sincerely, our feet never felt so good!

Thanks, April~we love you.

Clockwise from the top we have mine, then April’s, then Lyndi’s, then Emily’s and Kortney. Jillian’s weren’t quite finished when we got the picture. But she chose a beautiful pink with silver glitter.

5 Replies to “Mother’s Day Getaway~ 2”

  1. You ladies are adorable! Kali forced me to get a pedicure before her wedding and I fought it but she won. I was so glad afterwards. I really do have a hard time spending money on my feet but it was so relaxing and awesome!

    Thanks for the reminder.

  2. so is this foot heaven in Orem or Salt Lake… cuz you know I’m comin’ up there in Sept. Can’t stay a long time unless a certain client/baby goes early(before I go, if that happens I can hang out a few days a goof off with my favorite box-of-puppies household and friends!

  3. It’s two minutes north of Orem…just up the street. And you MUST come hang out with us. We neeeed you and miss you so much. You really should stop letting all these babies plan your life for you–you know. Sheesh. Someone would think you were a midwife or something. Oh, wait.

  4. It was my first pedicure as well and it was great! It was nice being there with so many awesome people too! πŸ˜‰ I’m sure I won’t be as embarrassed about going in the future. Thanks April! πŸ˜€

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