Mother’s Day Getaway~ 1

Day 1


This year, Mother’s Day was all about doing whatever each of the Mother’s in my life wanted to do–whatever that was. So for little Lyndi, the day started with breakfast at Kneaders, where they were serving…

Strawberry French Toast with whipped cream.

And get this–the sign said, “Moms. Eat. Free.”  Oh, my.

It was a totally adorable set-up with a tent outside and two cute little fellows doing valet parking. Anything to pamper all those moms. There was a line clear out the door, but it moved fast and everyone was happy and chatting the whole time.

I know we made it worth their while because we brought nearly the whole crew with us, whether or not they were mamas yet. And of course, they had to eat too, you know. Hey Miss Chompy–you gonna eat that piece?  :}

I mean, seriously, who can resist Kneaders for Pete’s sake?

Not us. That’s who.

We took a box of…um…extras with us, just for the Heck of it. No, no…I’m not going to eat those all by myself. I can share…if I make up my mind to do it. And get a load of that Chocolate Mousse Bomb. Ho-lee-cow.

Food, folks and fun. Perfect way to start the day–if we do say so ourselves.

Thank you Kneaders–we positively LOVE you!!

Stay tuned for Mother’s Day Getaway~ Day 1 “Afternoon” coming tomorrow.  :}

4 Replies to “Mother’s Day Getaway~ 1”

  1. Mmmmmm, Kneaders is one of our favorites! We always have to snag a dessert to eat when we do a movie date night at home 🙂 By the way — cute hair Aunt Launi!!!

  2. Oh yUUUm! I love Kneaders for ANY meal. It’s SO cool that they treated us Mom’s to breakfast! 🙂 Thanks Kneaders! I’m glad we were all able to go together… that was fun! I think we just started a tasty tradition!

  3. Yeah, I pretty much own the place…so-to-speak. Turkey sandwich, Broccoli soup and a peach smoothie. Y.U.M. :}

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