Cheese Ball Carrots

Around here there are a ton of people that we love to give things too–especially if there’s a reason to do it…you know, like a holiday or something. Friends, neighbors, daughters, sons, sweet little grand-babies–they’re all in desperate need of some cute little Cheeto Carrot love–don’t-cha think? I so agree.

I could have used the carrot shaped cello bags that are kicking around now, but I worried that they’d be too small to hold a decent amount of Cheetos. One should NOT be stingy with Cheetos, after all. So, I used 12″ disposable icing bags instead. We’ll have a million left, but I’m sure they’ll be used for another noble cause. Heh…

They were the perfect size.

Had a small struggle finding actual Cheeto Balls. Heaven knows there are every other shape in the world right now, just not round. We found these at Wal-mart–finally, finally.

Again I say they were…perfect!

Last of all we used two strands of green curly ribbon for the carrot tops. As you can see, they are fabulous. Just waiting for a sweet little Easter tag and off they’ll go to their new homes to spread joy and happiness…

as only a Cheeto can.


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  1. I love this idea. I was going to say I just saw a big bucket of cheetos at wal Mart yesterday for $5 something.
    Glad you found them. This is so cute I want to try it for next year, to lazy this year. 🙂

  2. Oh, something I know about you is that you don’t have a lazy bone in your body. So that’s not it. Tired is different though. It’s ok, it’a ALWAYS ok to be tired. I’m betting that’s what it really is. :}

  3. The sad part is…I’d have to rip them all open to get any of the Cheetos myself.
    That would look really bad.

  4. These are so fun… and they are the perfect gift to come from you! You probably don’t even need to sign your name on the tag & people will know who they are from! 🙂

  5. I’m making them for my almost 8 year old son’s class as we speak. We need a total of 40! Praying the 6 2.75oz planters cheez balls will do! No green ribbon so struggling with what I think would be best. I have a few options;
    Option #1 use paint markers to paint the white ribbon
    Option #2 use light green streamers I have in my party bag items
    Or option #3, paint the plastic itself.
    Feel free to throw in anything else that could help me! Tyty

  6. You could use green yarn, or green pipe cleaners, or thin strips of green fabric. Lots of things would work. Good luck!!

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