Baby Ambassadors

The other day, we had surprise visitors from a faraway land.

Lily-chan sang and danced for us…

and Beckham-lin shared his ancient words of wisdom.

Even Chompy was impressed with their command of the language.

In one bonding moment, our guest let the bald kid try on his cap.

With ambassadors like these, peace and goodwill have a sporting chance…

at least in these parts.

Live long and prosper.

5 Replies to “Baby Ambassadors”

  1. They looked SOOO freaking awesome in those outfits!!! SOOO cute! I’m glad to know that we’re on the verge of peace and plenty!!! Ha ha ha!!! 😀

  2. Jacob had a business trip to Taiwan a few weeks ago. He brought them back just in time for Chinese New Year! 🙂

  3. Live long and prosper? Hmm, how may “Wo ai ni?” to make it match the costumes 🙂

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