Look What I Found…

in the garden…

a genuine—-Leprechaun!!

I snuck up behind him and slammed a jar over his little green self and now he’s mine!

Pretty dang sure he owes me a pot of gold, or a wish or something…can’t remember how it goes.

If you haven’t seen any of these little fellows in your hedges yet, don’t feel bad. You can get your own Lucky Leprechaun real easy and totally in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Just click HERE to go to one of my favorite places and make your own luck.

This guy is the perfect little friend to have around—to keep you from getting pinched.

And if he’s got a pot of gold hidden somewhere–you can bet, I’m gonna find it.

Wish me luck.

6 Replies to “Look What I Found…”

  1. These are just too cute!! I love those finger puppets too. Someday when I have kids or a classroom… I’m going to buy like 10 of those sets!! I just love the ones that go with fun stories or songs!

  2. Ha ha ha ha ah ah aha ha ha… you are too funny!!! *:D* I love it! I didn’t realize those little dudes were sooo easy to catch! 😉 He TOTALLY owes you a pot of gold… or at least some Skittles. You should ask him if he knows how to turn straw into gold. Heh.

  3. Lovely lucky find these little guys are very sneaky and not at all willing to be captured. Continued good luck

  4. How in the world do they make such cute stuff (they’re so tiny!) over and over again!? Wow…

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